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It's all real Somewhere, The Experience is Individual From every Opinion!

I'm going to drop some cards, here with quotes relevant to evolution   More information can be
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"First the world is at least ONE SUBJECT OF DISCOURSE. If its manyness were so irremediable as to permit NO union whatever of it parts, not even our minds could 'mean' the whole of it at once: the would be like eyes trying to look in opposite directions. But in point of fact we mean to cover the whole of it by our abstract term 'world' or 'universe,' which expressly intends that no part shall be left out. Such unity of discourse carries obviously no farther monistic specifications. A 'chaos,' once so named, has as much unity of discourse as a cosmos. It is an odd fact that many monists consider a great victory scored for their side when pluralists say 'the universe is many.' "'The universe'!" they chuckle—"his speech bewrayeth him. He stands confessed of monism out of his own mouth." Well, let things be one in that sense! You can then fling such a word as universe at the whole collection of them, but what matters it? It still remains to be ascertained whether they are one in any other sense that is more valuable." —William James    Pragmatism The One & The Many


"AESTHETIC UNION among things also obtains, and is very analogous to ideological union. Things tell a story. Their parts hang together so as to work out a climax. They play into each other's hands expressively. Retrospectively, we can see that altho no definite purpose presided over a chain of events, yet the events fell into a dramatic form, with a start, a middle, and a finish. In point of fact all stories end; and here again the point of view of a many is that more natural one to take. The world is full of partial stories that run parallel to one another, beginning and ending at odd times. They mutually interlace and interfere at points, but we cannot unify them completely in our minds. In following your life-history, I must temporarily turn my attention from my own. Even a biographer of twins would have to press them alternately upon his reader's attention.."—William James

Evidence of Telepathy

"We have indeed the analogy of embryology to help us. The microscopist makes a hundred flat cross-sections of a given embryo, and mentally unites them into one solid whole. But the great world's ingredients, so far as they are beings, seem, like the rope's fibers, to be discontinuous cross-wise, and to cohere only in the longitudinal direction. Followed in that direction they are many. Even the embryologist, when he follows the development of his object, has to treat the history of each single organ in turn. Absolute aesthetic union is thus another barely abstract ideal. The world appears as something more epic than dramatic.

So far, then, we see how the world is unified by its many systems, kinds, purposes, and dramas. That there is more union in all these ways than openly appears is certainly true. That there MAY be one sovereign purpose, system, kind, and story, is a legitimate hypothesis. All I say here is that it is rash to affirm this dogmatically without better evidence than we possess at present."—William James

The Song expresses a sense of isolation; anyone who struggles economically;
might feel at times Sad; In a society as divided economically as America is; shallowness is one of the escapes that "We the people" are herded into; or ignored.
Live with passion; pragmatism is the understanding 
that what inspires us in life is passion; it's experiences; life itself is an experience, and experience varies; every person is living their own life.
Thoughts are part of sense experience; common to human life.
This is a more than a step forward; it's dissolving the old
into the existing; it's not evolution which I consider a type of conquest into
into the unknown; it's not a discovery we're making;
it's an upgrade we're preparing for.  If you had passions that economics stood in your way of following; once the cycle completes; the Universe is based on a system of
technologically advanced common equity; with regards to material goods; The part of a Human Being Nature adapts into a star is your minds, your Mind;/what's in our brains &/Self-consciousness in our bodies our self-consciousness includes our spine, it's the more complete part of a mind. 
Mind is the most valuable to us as a species, that is what seeds the star of each individual.  The initial life span is 
750 million Earth y3ars.
The Planetary system is part of the Novelty, there's many of them; forget about dreams, think about what you do in your waking state; what motivates you; or inspires, learning, and doing is your passion not your dream. This point of view which I express in a public blog; is due to philosophical pragmatism which I find reasonable and simple, as a way of getting to the root of things, to what is real, and what is not about language and how it used; and is used. Your going to continue to live if you choose in a visible cosmos.  Here the evidence is where I base my conclusion, however; I am willing to debate my perspective with anyone. The Simplest philosophy I can conceive is IMAGINE BETTER; two words passion with enthusiasm; so in other words; do what you need to.  No cup is ever full in this world; but some cups are empty; that's the sadness that kills, that's what Steinbeck describes as "the sad soul that kills quicker than any germ."
"It is see how a moral world can grow out of these primary intuitions. Knowing, for instance, the expression of anger, a man may come to find anger directed against himself; together with physical fear in the presence of attack, he will feel the contagion of his enemy's passion, especially if his enemy be the whole group whose reactions he is wont to share, and something in him will strive to be angry together with the rest of the world. He will perfectly understand that indignation against himself which in fact he instinctively shares. This self-condemning emotion will be his sense of shame and his conscience. Words soon come to give definition to such a feeling, which without expression in language would have but little stability."—George Santayana
The Steinbeck & Santayana quotes are opinions, both came from instincts of common sense, one of which is intuition.  Intuition (is a quantum value) relative to self-consciousness & consciousness in general. The value of an education or learning; is a value that grows in consciousness; it improves; intuition; will power, & reason; gradually.
Life of Reason Volumes II; has some information that helps bridge a cosmic cycle. 
There is a sense of Humor, With philosophy once you read a book it's a matter of what can be useful to you. This is the Playbook on a more complete Union.  With philosophy truth is
what's useful & relative about the philosophy; to improve your psychology & meta-physics.

My education format has been mostly Representation!