Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walk Through of Magic / Literal Outline

In this Blog Post I am walking through and laying-out the Magic Spell. Which I wrote about Yesterday, on Discourse In Creation, this post will be my last one on this particular blog,  Begin with saying all the Planets which orbit the Sun are binaries, in the same way moons are binaries of their parent Planet.  So in this blog I explain how a Sun to Earth Nova was initiated with Magic.  This type of Spell only proceeds when it is in alignment with a greater outcome, an evolutionary process.  Human Beings and all sentient species are granted greater freedoms, power, and access to the universe as we move further along in our developments of self.  It is a process that is individualized, in that nobody can hold another back.  There is no redeeming God, no punishing God, only Infallible Law which is woven into all creation.  The more responsible one is with power, the more power the universe grants, so in evolution, Humans move towards what can be described as Godhood, an individual is never given more than they could handle or be responsible with at anytime.
The Layout of the spell, on April 21st at 6:25 pm I posted this,  In this recording of a live performance,  you see, Kylie Minogue representing the archetypal  Aphrodite, who is a Goddess of Beauty, of course in this performance There is a bright star broadcasting in the background screen where the precession of Her quadriga begins, drawn by four Men instead of horses.
my only comment in the post was a cynical I Believe in You too..

at 6:47pm on April 21st  I proceeded with this post,  The Joker's always laughing in every hand he deals... I was thinking of Heath Ledger at the time, this was linked to some I posted on the 14th of April which was the evening of the lunar eclipse.  I am not going to get into that here times and dates are sometimes relevant to the spell.

 at 6:50 pm on April 21st I posted this image of the Sun,with the comment I don't believe that magic  is only in the mind...I do believe it's all round woven into time. No I will dissect the meaning Why is magic sphere? because everything you do comes back to you at some point, anytime, an image of the Sun is illustrated it becomes subject to a potential response from the Sun. Time does not exist in the eternal.  Magic as I've done here, can only be demonstrated.  Furthermore the Being who is responsible for the Sun is a free agent, with powers so great he can travel anywhere in space, and rarely is he in the Sun.  When away from the boundary of the solar system he has satellites which monitor the solar system, and the Earth as well.

April 21st @ 8:24 PM I closed that day with the following,  I read two versions of the lyrics online, I don't believe in magic, it's only in the mind. & I don't believe that magic is only in the mind. I don't really care cause I believe in Magic, and I like this song.

Day Two  at the time there was 22 videos on this Artist You Tube Channel, and using it in a spell means two things. This Artist has a sacred relationship to cosmos, because this was a place the Sun directed me to go, to initiate the second day of this demonstration. so April 22nd @ 3:59 pm I simply wrote I believe in You... and shared the video.

April 22nd @ 8:12 pm  It's just signed Hardy .... The image was taken from google images, and the credit goes to David Hardy, retracing my steps lead to an article "Hubbles 1923 Nova in Andromeda Erupts Again!"
April 22 @8:53 PM
Our civilization doesn't register on Earths geological rings, that might not be what they are called. The color variations in rock layers, say for instance on the Grand Canyon, those shifts in color represent complete changes to the atmosphere of the Earth, from periods of time so vast, our present science fails to comprehend how drastic have been those type of changes. In this tutorial they are explained simply as time.  I'll add further here that this was approaching Earth Day which I wasn't even aware of, the message was pretty clear in that all of earth geological changes, are not spontaneous resulting from chaos, but rather organized by infallible intelligence far greater than any single Human Being is capable of.

April 22nd @ 9:04 I posted the following
Those changes are induced by forces that are beyond the activities of any species on the earth, and as I wrote our civilization doesn't even register in the rock layers. Those have been periods of complete atmospheric transformations. Of the kind no Human alive today has witnessed. Our impact to climate change is minimal though we can pollute our cities, and living environments. It is those factors we should pay consideration to. A complete atmospheric change of the kind registered on Earth's geological records is not close at hand.   In the video Thom Yorke is moving though a very liquified Earth, and he falls through all the layers at the end of the video he is suspended in mid air.

April 22nd, 11:39 PM I proceeded with the following
 Somewhere between 50 and 200 tons sometimes more, of interstellar cosmic dust falls into Earth's atmosphere every day. That can have more of an effect on atmospheric changes to the Earth than industrial human activity, I am not saying it does at this point in time, but it has played a role in the past. +Happy Earth Day.  With this image of the Earth it was a cynical reach to watching the Atoms For Peace video.  You can fall back down to Earth now, cause it ain't going anywhere.

Third Day Now, April 23rd @ 1:39 am I wrote I believe, I believe, I believe, in You..with an image of Abu Simbel.  The symbolism is that of the awakening Gods, the one falling out from a dream state, and awakening to his powers. This links back to a reaction, I initiated from the Atoms for Peace Right Before Your Eyes video. 
That same day, an Earthquake rattled Port Hardy, at 8:10 pm, that is just to demonstrate that much of what is generated in the environment is managed.   That same day I post photos of a Doll I finished which I named Alice Templeton, there was also a port Alice near the site of the Earthquake.

The final point here is a Nova great or small is not a rare occurrence in the Universe, they happen all the time, the universe is a self organizing intelligence, with a degree of consciousness beyond our comprehension as Human Beings.  As Alan Watts famously said, "The Earth Peoples" in the same way an Apple tree apples.  My only addition to that is the Universe "Gods" in the same way the Apple Tree Apples, and the Earth Peoples -People.  Finally it is only those laws of universal implications that I seek to understand, in any, and all sorcery I engage in.

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