Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unconditional Love \ Absolute Selflessness Is Induced Through Hypnosis in Human Beings.

The Title of this Blog Post is a matter of knowing as oppose to believing. 
The entry here is the last entry for this Blog which I am retiring, I am leaving the portion below, as it has lingered updated very little for several months.  I don't believe in God, not in any of the Human conceptions of God, the writing below is from the prospective of consistently reject a center (selflessness a paradoxical mental state which in my own instance was hypnotically induced). Because of the hypnosis which I was unaware of, the state of my mind had been blocked out of it's own center the feeling was torturous and unstable.  Also triggered a flight back to God which is actually a subjective subjectivity, but internally it was a root driver of my mind under hypnosis, 9-11 truth became a similar burden. I made the effort to bring a manifestation of God into the objective reality.  The way to relate my experience is as a subjective objectivity in this blog, and because it was hypnotically induced selflessness, which I reverse engineered out of.  In my teenage years I had moved pass believing in God, but had not rooted out all the psychological blocks which still remained from a very religious upbringing.  God once again became a psychological flight,  when my world view changed and reality darkened for me, almost over night coming across 9-11 truth documentaries.  God is a subjective concept which mankind has created. Whether there is an origin to the Cosmos, to the Universe I don't doubt, what the origins are is what is not known, therefore, I leave the assumption of God to be one of Supreme intelligences.  Further perhaps I would say it is beyond the comprehension of mankind. Especially now, since I've walked out of a state of hypnosis.  I am the same me, but the weight is no longer there, the burden, heaviness gone and the clarity of thought is more focused.   I will make a series of videos.  The supreme intelligence of the planet itself had something to do with the process, of breaking the hypnosis I was under.   I know that the exchange between each of us, and the planet is individuated, and perhaps that was the main problem with collectivization of mankind through methods other than those of nature which is through individual self determining.   The mind works through natural and conditioned bias, but it has to be through an agency of individual will that a person evolves, through choices, based on boundary relativism™ in society, otherwise deficits form to correct anything that is rooted aggressively using hypnotic techniques, also our civilization is layered people across the globe are in various states of mild hypnosis (primarily ignorance for the convenience of others), which translates into degrees of conscious, and subconscious awareness, being individuated.   

Let's go into the problem together, the United Nations has a Human Rights declaration based on ideals that unite?  And Should we base the system according to respected boundaries of individuals, and define a comprehensive philosophically rooted understanding of how every Human Mind works?    If you're with me on this I can right up the system, because I know how the Human mind works absolutely now, and how nature generates deficits within each human mind which are progressive, if left unattended, and these deficits are individuated. Is the burden of suffering the same across mankind, and should there be a burden of suffering at all?  It is never fully collectivized, and while we all do suffer, suffering of any kind is individuated, even in tragic events, and based on the deficits nature has filled with emotions to address the situation which is out of balance at the individual Human level.  Once you're hypnotized your emotions are mechanical, and completely driven from exterior global problems. anything that Krishnamurti did was progressive, and if you were not able to clear all emotional blocks it intensified, meaning the people who where subject to his teaching may have died, he designed those to kill or pacify a person for the rest of their life.  
Walking through my emotional blocks is how I freed myself, from that psychologically driven emotionally charged strait jacket. So anything related to God in this blog which I wrote in earlier post is irrelevant.  What is objectified in this blog through photos is Supreme Intelligence of nature, the planet earth's natural intelligence which can generate, and transform it's living environment, according to how balanced the life it is hosting is.    So some of the photos I took revealed how nature drives evolution forward through it's own system of feedback at the level of individual, and a process nature was walking me through.  This is how I know nature or the supreme intelligence of the blue sphere we live on is not an unkind intelligence.  It is some individuals who are unkind, and cruel, but not nature.
It was both upsetting, and a relief to realize I was hypnotized, but it was for a long period of time.  Some of 2009, until recently, and in all honesty was susceptible to other hypnosis. Since 9-11 truth was the main burden I was an activist for that cause online, of course online is a virtual reality, and I should have had a better perspective, I got caught up in that because of the Psychological blocks, which are now reversed in me forever. I am a complete sovereign over my own mind body and soul. 

All the information systems related to conspiracies are selective subjectivity™  That may have objectively objective roots, but are subjective objectivities in themselves.  And in a clear state of my I cater not to or subscribe not to any of the subjectively subjective information streams.  For optimal individual health, some of those topics are prisons, for individuated minds that have been subject to hypnosis.

The Martha Graham Quote is indicative of how an individual Mind may cope once under a hypnotic trance, it's an unatural state of being, the individual doesn't realize it until they realize it. The writing may have been an attempt on her part to explain a subconscious barrier. 
Everything Below This Line is writing driven by a state of progressive hypnosis which I reverse engineered out of, the implications of the information are explicitly none.   I was dreaming in a subjectively subjective prison.
So I am coming to the end of this blog, there will be one more post with various links, and a revision with notes of previous post where necessary, the information provided here came to me through various transmissions via the law of correspondence, in my communicating with the spirit of God Almighty. I felt it necessary to seek the higher wisdom, after I fell into a black hole of information which related to 9-11 and other conspiracies, from the Presidential assassinations, Alien Rogue Planets,  reptilians, and Jewish monopolizing of all world governments, banks, religion, and media.  In all these conspiracies, the evidence for them being true can be made convincingly plausible, to some degree, and I have no doubts that all of them are onto something.  It is not as it seems, as first glance, and alternative news in the same way as conventional journalism, rely on the fact, as Alan Watts puts it in the following lecture "The ordinary everyday consciousness that we have leaves out more things than it takes in, and because of this, it leaves out things that are terribly important, it leaves out things that would allay our anxieties, and fears and horrors, and if we could extend our awareness, you see; to include those things we leave out, we would have a deep interior peace." AW I recommend this 8 minutes of profound gnosis.

 In a world where shame, is a premium the religions, or the conventional place on knowledge, nothing can be more ignorant then to censor these Human Beings from pursuing whatever knowledge it is they seek, and to refine themselves in the fire.  Often those who choose to carry these torches as their lifes work, are also on journey of personal healing, this type of information in my instance tapped into laden psychological wounds I had long buried, but not overcome, and it has to do with the way I was brought up by my parents.  My feelings are, that knowledge of this kind can only build your character up, and make you stronger both spiritually, and intellectually, looking behind any door of knowledge should never be taboo, taboo is another unnecessary premium society often places on the curious mind, how can society ever improve without people brave enough to see through the facade, that made whatever is considered taboo, taboo in the first place?   Alternative News and information in this day and age, and perhaps always, is more fear based than anything mainstream, and one must keep in mind that some of these people are no different than sharks looking for a meal.  They are feeding on your fears, by placing you in their nightmare, religion has always done this, especially those of a doom and gloom persuasion.  The preachers of doom, and gloom, can often leave no room in their sermon for hope, it is sad that their minds have sunk into such a desperate view.  The sincerity of each person who has made alternative news, their business or field of sharing will always be shaded by their specific life experiences, views, and  bias, I do wish them the best.   In my last blog I will share my views on some of these News fronts, and break down the basic premise, by which they have staked a claim to truth.

 This Blog is to address religion in general, onward to the point.

One of the key points I desire to share, because so many of the new age, and science based philosophies, make the claim that life is an illusion. My specific point here is that while many Human Beings can get caught up in illusions from lack of knowledge or blind acceptance of spiritual/religious and scientific doctrines, the main point here is that, Death is the illusion.  For the Human Being, Death in this plain of manifestation simply places that being in another plain of manifestation, specifically they are dimensions.  However there are few exceptions to this that will be explained further into this Blog.
Propagation of fear, has been an ongoing occurrence on the part of most religions, and authoritarian entities since the dawn of civilization, Humanity at large, has been subjected to conditioning of accepting power by the few, the manufacture of entitlement on the part of the few.  Within all branches of Christianity, its predecessors, and successors a play on fear has been used, to tame and control mankind.  The roots of Fire & Brimstone were brought to the New World, in an unholy holocaust in which 8-20 million Native Americans where violently slaughtered, enslaved, or forced to live on reservations, after being striped of their property.  Early Christian settlements consisted of a mix of ambitious White Europeans, ready to murder kill, and live in perpetual war for a piece of the New World, others sought to spread theology of Christ, in that pursuit some were noble in their outline following the socialistic aspects of the Ministry of Christ, others worked in instigating a fear of Hell Fire and eternal damnation.  Jonathan Edwards had a pretty well know theology which reflects the standard of his day.


There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God."
Most of the sermon's text consists of ten "considerations": (I have entered My knowledge within parenthesis, this should serve as clarification.)
  1. God may cast wicked men into hell at any given moment. (Hell can be a manifestation of the present dimension, hell is a bi-product of Human kinds polluted ambitions. Ambition is simply desire through a foggy mirror, it's most often related to power it is that perversion of power which creates some of the conditions, that can make life on Earth an experience akin to hell for some. "All ambitions are lawful except those that/which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind." This is a quote attributed to two beings with variant pronoun (that) Henry Ward Beecher or (which) Joseph Conrad.)
  2. The Wicked deserve to be cast into hell. Divine justice(?) does not prevent God from destroying the Wicked at any moment. ( The souls of the wicked delay the inevitable for themselves only, eventually they will be redeemed the patience of God is eternal.  Heaven gives the wicked no access points, and only the lessons, which include those delivered upon physical death.  They the wicked are washed in their own wickedness, and covet only rebirth into the present dimension. One of the keys knowing the Nature of God is that God does not forgive, in other words forgiveness is something you seal and transcend through right action, every wrong action requires, an equal right action. God redeems, as oppose to forgives, but is always prepared to redeem any soul.)
  3. The Wicked, at this moment, suffer under God's condemnation to Hell. ( God does not consecrate souls who have rendered their physical existence through evil deeds, and who commit acts of evil against their fellow Human kind, evil can be defined as follows, economic slavery, abuse of power, and the destruction of life without just cause, all are accountable in that respect to their actions, and all suffering generated as a result of evil as defined here does become demonstrated to those beings involved in such feeble pursuits. Actions considered evil, gain no rewards of permanence, and any impression that temporary wealth and power, is a product of divinity are illusions, and strong ones for some, we enter this world in need of Love, and leave the world in much the same state, love is what nourishes the soul of every Human Being through life's progression in this realm, the same is true of all dimensions.)
  4. The Wicked, on earth - at this very moment - suffer the torments of Hell. The Wicked must not think, simply because they are not physically in Hell, that God (in Whose hand the Wicked now reside) is not - at this very moment - as angry with them as He is with those miserable creatures He is now tormenting in hell, and who - at this very moment - do feel and bear the fierceness of His wrath. ((God abstains from tormenting any soul,  After death, the individuated consciousness of Human beings on Earth end up in Venus, if they are suppose to reincarnate they are assigned between 1 & 9 months depending on karma before they're assigned new parents 10-18 months before your emerge out of a womb, if there are no complications with the live birth, miscarriage, or an abortion.  Premature births do occur, so the time factor of the sixth dimension is mitigated, and finally the fetus is subject to the potential Mothers will.  During that time the only life you experience is like a lucid dream in which everything you've done is brought to your attention it goes from the worst to best, it gets better, but for people who've done a lot of bad stuff initially it's like a nightmare. The sixth dimension is a virtual realty this dimension is a test of integrity, mostly so that the universe can grant you more complete states of existence. ))
  5. At any moment God shall permit him, Satan stands ready to fall upon the Wicked and seize them as his own.( There are no beings whose sole purpose is to proliferate evil from any divine authority.  here on the earth there are creatures i.e, insects, maggots, bacteria, etc which are created in the duel cyclic nature of life/death which economize from decomposition, these are creatures specialized for the purpose of recycling organic matter, they are energized by a planetary root chakra these creatures have no permanence, and serve a function necessary for the diverse ecology found on Earths biosphere.  The creatures which exist for the sole purpose of economizing on death, are a universal phenomenon found on all Planets hosting third dimensional duality, which is specifically Life & Death. For example not all larva are parasites or find live tissue host, maggots, they will not eat anything living, that is part of how these larva are programmed, they will only consume decay, as a testament that life is valued by nature.)
  6. If it were not for God's restraints, there are, in the souls of wicked men, hellish principles reigning which, presently, would kindle and flame out into hellfire. ( The Earth herself, nudges us, because she is conscious, you cannot really expect a planet with a living system as diverse as Earth, to lack sentience, and intelligence as found in Humans, it's the Planet herself that does create, and maintain the four seasons, according to her precession around the Sun, another living entity.  All Planets in this solar system are also serve a purpose sustaining life on Earth.)
  7. Simply because there are not visible means of death before them at any given moment, the Wicked should not feel secure. ( Death as an aspect of Reality on Earth is everywhere on this Planet, all Beings will succumb to the inevitable until none do, that is a process which occurs only through initiation by God.)
  8. Simply because it is natural to care for oneself or to think that others may care for them, men should not think themselves safe from God's wrath. (The Human Body on Earth is the conscious manifestation of a soul housed in the Sun.  When on Earth that individual has passed away,  the soul has either evolved into a Universal fifth dimensional Human being, or lingers in the sixth dimension which is an electromagnetic field leading up to the Sun, new births are assigned through Venus, as a satellite of the Sun representing the Heart Chakra, 1-9 months is the minimum length of time it takes to source a souls new parents, 9 months is the time it takes for this soul assigned to a new parents to be birthed.  It can take up to 18 months before someone is reborn.  During that time a soul is experiencing a review of its life, and absorbing memories from prior lives if any.  Reactions vary from soul to soul.)
  9. All that wicked men may do to save themselves from Hell's pains shall afford them nothing if they continue to reject Christ. (Christ is an angelic consciousness it is the qualities inherent in the recognition of virtue, equality, brotherhood, sisterhood, and kindness, the qualities are manifest in struggle at times, although priceless, they have little to no importance in the life conditioned to acquire, material wealth, and pursuits of living from cradle to grave without knowledge of the multi-dimesional nature of the Souls existence, overcoming the illusions of temporary materiality is the beginning of unconditional Love, and that is the nature of God (the Alpha & Omega (He that was, is, and will always Be, until that point emerges most individuals value love through a prism of conditioned ideas, desire, or expectation, these are superficially imposed values on love, by the nature of this type of love a soul will never be satisfied.)   
  10. God has never promised to save us from Hell, except for those contained in Christ through the covenant of Grace. ( Christ consciousness, is the key to union with the Twin Soul, and therefore return into the kingdom of the everlasting, and abiding ever in the presence of GOD)

 There is only one God, and the beginning of the second creation has to be explained to fill the information paradox, of what may be lacking from the information I've shared thus far.  This is also how polarity manifested itself in the universe.  Briefly the synopsis; across the Universe as far as any instrument Human kind has developed to probe and study the mysteries of space what is seen is the aftermath of a shattered first creation reconstituting itself according to the Will of God.  

 There is no dimension lower than the present for Sentient Beings, this Planet was designed as a paradise, and it still is, the general conditions of hell are generated by ignorance, and lack of understanding as to the nature of the Cosmos, which has always been a manifestation in accordance with the will of God, and the dimension we express our existence in, as life upon the Earth, is a controlled environment.  In other words there are dimensional filters which prevent any of the evils which manifest in this world from having existence beyond this dimension.  
 For some Beings the sixth dimension can be akin to Hell, but it is the most transient dimension in the cosmos, every consciousness in that dimension is moving through from one physical state to another. 

You experience a moment with them, between every life in which you are born as an infant.
The only function celestials play is to reboot you.   They enter the Sun, locate your soul there, and ride an electromagnetic cord, out to where your consciousness is wandering in space, then they collect what amounts to being a fractalized summation of the last physical life you embodied on Earth.  They walk it back through the magnetic field, and through the soul they share with you, half of which is in the Sun.  This process reboots you, it's done with movement faster than the speed of light, and it occurs in that moment just before the water breaks, and you are ready to be reborn.
The Karma from past lives has no effect on you beyond having affected what condition you are born into, and that is something that wasn't a choice.  What does carry over into each Earth bound life is your consciousness, it restores itself, being an aspect directly tied to your soul.

There is an irony here, that when you are born on the Earth, the first thing you are separated from, besides your Mother, is what amounts to being a physical manifestation of your soul, it's the placenta.  In this world, it's only function was to code you from the gene pool of your parents.
This is related to the Swadhisthana chakra, and an inverted kundalin, if you look at a chart of the soul of a Star, which are the chakras', and inverted it, rather than being the second from the bottom, it becomes the second from the top.  This Chakra is representative of the entire astral sixth dimension.
In the higher plane of manifestation it has a different function altogether, however in this solar system it runs the sixth dimension.

No one enters Heaven in the fragile state of infancy for your bodies there are eternal the higher dimensions are eternal, The soul evolves to a degree in which a human body materializes from the substance of whatever material world it's in, that is the case in our present dimension too, however we are not in control of that process here, Karma and duality are some of the reasons this is so.  Our souls actually never see themselves without a body, in any dimensions, is more accurate. 

The sixth and Third dimension go dark on this arm of the Milky Way, for 39,000 years at the close of the cycle.  On the other arm of the Milky Way, the Third and Sixth dimension don't regenerate for another 13,000 years.  This solar system never again enters the third dimension. Only 10 planets 5 in each spiral at any give time are processing Human beings through evolution.   When the cycle ends, you are either ready for eternal life, or not, and when the dimensions close, those who are not prepared for the eternal go offline for a time, until these dimensions open up again.   In eternity you are all given the power of Gods, the universal mind of God Almighty, the uncreated creator, or GA cannot be fooled.  The worse thing that can happen to someone is they stay under for 39,000 years, the duration of time these dimensions close.   When they enter the dimension again, most of the time they evolve out of it within a few incarnations.   What is given to their twin soul, is what amounts to a kaleidoscope slide, that freezes all the earthly attachments in a fractal.  The universe is an organic computer, has to generate planetary environments like ours, temporarily to grown our species. Two variations grown simultaneously, one branch and it's flowers on the tree of life.

The figure of fully evolved Angelic Souls which are on the Earth from previously evolving through duality is about 10% of the global population.   That's all it really takes to raise the Planet's consciousness in the current manifest world, and these would be Angelic host working specifically to elevate spiritual /soul awareness, and bring greater clarity and knowledge of the greater reality in which universe exist.  They would have greater abilities to plan their incarnations on the Earth, and mostly work in Arts, Science, and humanitarian cause for the most part.  Incarnation in this dimension is no different for evolved Angelic souls, as for Human souls.  As the state of the World currently exist, the greatest possible exit from this world is a Peaceful departure in ones sleep.  I had mentioned those involved in the Bombing of Hiroshima as an example of the worse experience one can have entering the sixth dimension, when acts of this nature are committed there is a level of insanity on the part of those involved, consequences are never accurately assessed in the carrying out of a holocaust of this nature, Hiroshima was a holocaust of innocent Japanese people, it was an inexcusable act of terror upon the whole world, and why nuclear weapons are still maintained is not a result of rational, even reasonable, or critical thinking.  In fact it is a defensive position to maintain, Corporate monopolies specifically in banking, energy, and mineral resources of the the Planet.  So I want to make it clear here, that the consequences are as stated, what I write here is revelation, anyone in possession of this knowledge who instigates a war of nuclear exchange will not be able to right the wrongs of their action, and full measure of energetic resonance from all casualties as a result of such an event, will be magnetized to the souls of those involved upon their departure from this dimension.

The truth about religion, is that whether you believe in a creator or not, it doesn't not really matter, Our judgment is a bi-product of the nature of the present dimension, everything we do inspired by, sharing of truth,  kindness, love, and justice, returns to us, in our progress throughout existence, the same is true of actions inspired by evil.   There is not a single so called slave master from the time of slavery that did not experience the suffering which they caused to their Human slaves upon death. If our actions lead to the unjust suffering of our fellow Kinder, it gets reflected back to us in the dimension which follows death.   The same is true of Gangs, whether it be Governments organized against the interest of the majority of the people they profess to serve, or street gangs terrorizing an already impoverished community. As far as The September,11 2001 terrorizing event goes, those involved are all destined to experience a degree of the collective suffering which resulted from the event.  No being in the state of full consciousness retains the wrongs done to them in any form, they release these energies in that state, and all have the opportunity and do leave messages within that space for their loved ones remaining on the Earth, nothing is hidden from any soul in the Sixth dimension.  The victims of 9-11 have either progressed directly into the highest dimensions, or rebirthed in the present dimension.

 F.P.C's  Final Progression Civilizations (pre-duality) are more technologically advanced, and spiritually advanced than what is found here on Earth, on these Planetary settings, there are Angelic beings who are capable of incarnating with the capacity of demonstrating some portion of the super nature powers which are embodied in all Angelic beings living in the higher dimensions, and the Laws have been globally ordained by a spiritual hierarchy, these Planets also have creatures as large as the biggest dinosaurs that roamed the Earth, harmlessly living alongside Human Beings.  Duality still exist on these Planets, but awareness of the Divine origins of Life, and Mankind, are fully reflected in the conduct and nature of all beings who exist in these settings.  They possess some Space exploration capacities, and greater awareness of the multidimensional nature of the Universe.  Those Civilizations exist also in what is the visible universe to our present civilization.  The LAWS of all F.P.C's have been adapted to reflect a viable form of Libertarian Socialism.

The point of this blog is to state, that rapture and ascension, are the two sides of the same coin.  These are built-in the present dimension itself as I explained above, completing ones life either leads you into a higher dimension, or compels you live again in the present. The latter has no guarantee, except that at some point you will leave it all behind again, to embody either in the eternal light, or once again, in dualism.  In this dimension you will require Love from birth, a stable environment for your development, and perhaps never abandon Love in your experience, enough to contribute to a greater collective happiness.  The finality of evolution is union with a Twin from a binary soul, who in the initial stages, of your dual creation retains the likeness of God, because you are divided from the exact same spark of the creator and are destined for birth in a world such as this the second you are born they begin to develop unique distinctions, you both emerged from the uncreated at the same time, They are physically shaped by your evolution in time, and you are purified as a result of their existence in the everlasting. 

I had no bone to pick with New Age religions, the message is bright beautiful, and often consistent.
At one point I felt in alignment completely, with the messages of alleged Angelic mediums, but that came crashing down on Me in the strangest of ways.  After sharing many of these messages on Face Book, and liking some of the channelers pages.  One day in a abrupt way one of these people, and I'm not going to mentioned names, on their face book page, began a claim that the messages where being uploaded without permission, and they were going to take legal action against the channel on You Tube that was uploading their messages, and even though all the contact information, and links to the Channelers pages in the internet were included, the complaint seamed loud, and almost reckless on the part of the Channeler, I openly admitted to sharing their messages from that You Tube Channels video, their messages, that Channeler happened to be located in Joplin Missouri at the time, what stopped me in my tracks from continuing to share those messages all together was that within several weeks of that exchange a giant Tornado bore down on Joplin, I had never even heard of that city, except that it was in the contact information of that particular channeler, that was it for Me at that point, I began to distance myself from any of these types of messages, first of all because they are all so similar, and secondly because my personal experience of awakening is not related to making profit, but a genuine desire to address the long list of injustices Mankind has suffered at the hands of ill leadership. 

There is no after life, there is only life therefore, the title of one of my previous blog post from August 31 2012, "Corridor of the After Life!" is a little misleading in the title..Information there should be clarified in this blog.  

Unconditional Love -Or Absolute Selflessness is Hypnosis induced it is not a Healthy State of being.*  ©2013 Alan G Jong