Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spilling Over Into Reason is Not Reason Enough!

Choosing a Path of Reason, and accepting the Mystery of the Cosmos is!

Anyway, part of getting closure, has to do as well, with the degree to which we can release ourselves with information, from emotional bondage of unfamiliar, or disturbing truths.  Rather than react to such disclosure in a negative way, because reacting negatively can mitigate a healing process into the realm of the unresolved, and Truth remains the Truth always ~ you can test the truth, but change it hardly.  An example of this would be if someone is abusive to you, a state of denial would mitigate the process of healing, Governments can be abusive too.  In the greater recognition of a spiritual dimension to all existence, one truth whether classified or unclassified by the individual consciousness(es); is the truth, that to the uncreated creator, all people on the Earth are beloveds, therefore all are making the journey through dimensions established for the purpose of life, into the prosperity of un-shrouded life eternal.

Of the nature of un-shrouded dimensions I can share from experience, however faint the memories.  Though scantly inhibited by my own ignorance, the world does condone, and elicit behaviors in unrestrained fashion, which lead to challenging circumstances in the classes, and masses of Human civilization.  Reason is key, Freedom vs. free-dumb, what's the difference?  Ignorance often fails, but when it fails epically, one transcends it.   In the un-shrouded everlasting, God is the eldest of Humans in form, and in appearance is no older than early 30's, all souls that enter this state enter as youth a physical age no greater than 13 Human Earth years, aging characterized as, progressing through space time~familiar to this dimension is not something accumulated there, so the heavens are scarcely populated with beings as old as God in relation to the majority, and these are the elders who emerged earlier in creation, by the nature of creation itself, these Beings have more to share, is really what it comes down to, because they have been creating longer, and contributed many things to many civilizations similar to Earth, everything you create on Earth with lasting value becomes part of your body of work into the higher dimensions. The way in which one can mature in the Heavens, requires service in creation, therefore any being here on Earth who has been to the other side, would be working on that, and those who have a wider range of maturity in Heaven have earned it.  Aging is not automatic in the un-shrouded eternal, there is at present only four potentials for maturity in intervals of five Human Earth years.  The first of these stages of maturity would be reaching an appearance of 18, and so on.  All beings on Earth once advanced by the logos (in this case being the Earth itself ) into Human form, have an inseparable twin soul, that Being, and the many that populate the threshold of heaven are in the youngest state, until your reunion, at which point you can begin to work on the greater range in maturity that the existence in the un-shrouded everlasting  offers, `together.   That is how twin souls can be born on a planet like Earth, and find each other in a lifetime, it is rare, but the bonds in Heaven of this nature are remembered on Earth too.  On this issue I should mention rarely do genetic twins share the same soul, but it can be the case at times, in reality though God created you with an eternal mate, we all originate from the one uncreated, who in Heaven is the only Father of all, and all the planets that house life therefore act as brides to the uncreated Man.   Anyway every individual Human Being even those who do some of the more horrible things to one another, caught up in illusions of this manifest dimension, have an eventual destiny there in the light of Heaven, along with having twin soul. You can never lose your soul, and selling your soul, is temporary. Your body is the vehicle of the soul, and the brain it's seat in this dimension.  One cannot separate a career for instance, where you are paid for skills from the distinction of selling your soul, and the karma if any related to this practice, is based in the degree that Universal LAW is compromised in the exchange.  

These words inspired the cover of my journal,`the Bible as I see it, just a story deeply rooted into Culture!
Every Human is/has a soul (spirit), I mentioned this in a previous blog, your soul was called forth by the Planet that elected you, out of the uncreated Creator was it forged, this soul then divided into two, one to remain in the Heavens one which descended into the Earth and was born Human.  Your soul never divides again, nor can it, it's paired up, and there is a purpose behind this process, that being of course, that between each life of growth or exile in the present dimension, there is a companion that will assist your progress all the way through, and back into the un-shrouded eternal from which you emerged.  Your twin soul unites with you on some level, between all your lives, and while you remain in this dimension they act as a mediator between you and God (uncreated Creator), which is himself the only LAW in Heaven, God who created all substances in the universe from his own substance embodies immutable cosmic LAW within his own Being as well, Your twin soul is serving aspects of your evolution vitally important to your return to the light, emerging into Heaven as light yourself.
It's just my Journal, I call it the Popol Vuh-Doo, no relation to the Popol Vuh!

 I'll share my last entry, "Brush off ignorance along the way, You'll do just fine."  A note to myself, is shared here.

As to the rest of the information here on this blog, it should be validated, and tested with your own reason, not digested as valid unless it resonates with you at a deeper level, I'm sharing what I know from an inner space (intuition), and on going life experience which is in communion with non-local consciousness of a multidimensional nature.  There is an aspect to freewill, and gender which needs to be elaborated on further, the follow up to this post will be found on Discourse in Creation one of my other blogs.  Until then may your Sun continue to rise, and my all horizons bring you ever closer to your Happiness.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

9-11 Truth Alphabet Soup - This Portion Served Cold!

So, what's the truth about 9-11?
I wanted to write about an issue which in the past weighted heavily on my heart, the desire to write about this issue now is for the the purpose of closure.  There are some really imaginative theories on the subject, and this issue reaches a broad spectrum of individuals globally.   For many reasons we seek answers based in Truth, and that is the under laying current of our plight.   Whether the movement can be characterized as a unified collective body of truth seekers is not so clear, but how 911 affected every American, and global citizen is not questioned here, the event gave rise to a war on a tactic of war, or resistance, depending on what is labeled Terrorism, an oxymoron which has bankrupted the nation morally to continue war for profits in my opinion.

That the 9-11 event was a conspiracy is not in doubt here, The Synopsis of theories based on the 9-11 event range from the plausible to the absolutely obscure, and have bled into the culture, and mainstream, with television shows, like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, the body of evidence that there was foul play, and inside knowledge, for Me personally is in no doubt.  This event was tragic, but initially; I like many other Americans didn't question the mainstream conclusions.
The event happened on one of my days off from work, at the time I was a Table Games dealer in a casino, so I heard about the event from a phone call by a friend, and I did not have any awareness of the alternative theories of the event, until some 5 years later, I discovered them on You Tube in 2006.  Since 2006 this issue consumed much of my time, and I did tons of research online, and have followed the information related to this topic closely since.

 The following information dovetails with Me personally, and lays out the synchonistic events in my early teens that kept Me in search of answers after discovering the 9-11 truth movement.
Where the 9-11 event, and foreknowledge is concerned in my life has to do with religion.  Embedded laten emotional trauma came to the surface this past year.  In my teens, during the mid 90's I attended a church which had an association with the Local Churches this was the brand of Christianity I was indoctrinated into from the earliest memories of my present life, along with my Mother's daily dose of Christian television programming, my childhood was over saturated with Christian indoctrination.

The Local Churches as they are called claimed to be the true church of Jesus Christ, but like many branches of Christianity, they are linked with a Christian Zionist bend of Israel's supremacy.  They had Church leaders, no pastor, and during one of the last times I attended that Church, a presentation was given by an ex-military man, named Ray ( I only remember his first name) who was retired, and in his 50's.  The presentation featured a supposed prophecy based on the book of Daniel, and it was presented with illustrations that were printed on poster size sheets, he brought these with him that evening, what he claimed was that in the final war of Armageddon four missiles would be launched from Iraq into New York City, and even claimed that one of the missiles would miss its target, and fall into the ocean. The prophecy presentation looked to be something which was being produced on a large scale, considering the quality of the illustrations, which were on printed poster size media diagrams and all, perhaps it made its way through various Christian Zionist Churches throughout the 90's, but I don't know for sure.  All I know is it linked Saddam Hussein to a myth, that had to do with Babylon, claiming he was the one who would launch this missile attack against New York.   This prophecy was at least 8 years before the 9-11 event, and that event used Planes not missiles, but 3 of the Planes hit their intended targets according to the official story, and even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11, Iraq was attacked, and invaded by the U.S.A following 9-11, he was demonized by the media, both before, and after the event, and eventually hung on national television.
The reason I even remember this presentation has to do with who I would attended this church with, the person who picked me up to go to Church every time I attended was Dora Luz Buenrostro, She was convicted of the murder of her three Children, which always attended this Church with Her. They were the sweetest children, and often the only ones present during these evening services.  I remember Her main personal struggle was as that of a single Mother, because her Husband worked in Los Angeles, and she lived in San Jacinto CA, he would drive south once every two weeks or so, and that was a point of stress in their marriage.  This seems all a little metaphysical, but it was this tragedy buried deep in my subconscious, which finally surfaced with the memories of that presentation, and is allowing me to find closure on the 9-11 event.  During this Presentation I questioned all of it.  Dora was affected psychologically too by what was being presented to us, we would discuss religion on the drive back, she lived about a 1/3 of a mile from Me in San Jacinto, CA, and that evening the information was too dark a prediction for either of Us, I expressed nothing but doubts about the information, and I eventually stopped attending, once that happened I lost touch with Her, and when I heard about the murders I was shocked. The Church eventually closed, but it was actually in a small rented office building, and one of my relatives who lives in Hemet, CA was one of the people paying part of the rent of that space, it hardly looked like a church, and on average there was 10-20 adults who would attend these services,  the only thing I remember about Brother Ray as he was called was he drove in from Sun City, Menifee CA with his wife, and was a member of this branch of Christianity a long time, they were the only white people in the service, everyone else was Hispanic.   Writing this is a release for Me, I'm not religious in the sense that I fall for any doctrine, and reason is always the driver in anything I may believe or know to be true.  I don't believe, I know God exist, but no religion can represent God, and that's where they all fall apart, not one religion in this whole world represents God.  God appears to those he chooses to appear too, and that is just how it is.
War is never reasonable to God!

Anyway when it comes to 911 Truth, only those involved in orchestrating the event know the actual motives, how the act was carried out, and there are views that differ so largely in the alternative theories, that the answers get muddied in the water at times.  While some people can press the issue, and repeat the same talking points over, and over again; I have found it pointless to argue about small details, the actual event wasn't carried out by Muslim terrorist, but by insiders hungry for power, and control.   I support all honest efforts that provide scientific proof that the official story is a fabricated cover-up, because that is obvious, and the anomalies speak for themselves.  Below are two of the best videos, and presentations I've seen in search of answers.   I have no association with producers of these documentary videos other than I believe they each pay special attention to evidence of foul play.  The first video puts forward clear evidence of Israeli hijacking of American politics, and I have great questions about how far the government of Israel was involved in the September-11-2001 event, I know for a fact that Zionist based religions have played a role to serve a political agenda of American, and Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East and Africa, but the light emerging in the information age has altered that political reality, how far remains yet to be seen.
  War is Always by Deception.

This Next video is a recorded live presentation of Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth who examines scientific evidence of explosives being used on the 9-11-2001 event.

The two videos shared here, are just two of many, many videos documenting evidence of foul play related to 9-11.  These offer a degree of perspectives on this subject which I find balanced.   The alternative news and information streams are prolific on the Internet.  The interest on this issue will not die, because Truth is all there is.  My religion is Peace, because it is everlasting, and when the world can finally rise to Peace, life on the Planet will change to everlasting, otherwise the future is never, and that's just the way it is.  There will be an amended post if needed until then.  I wish you Peace, and Magic.
Only Peace brings Peace!