Sunday, November 11, 2012

11; Evil by Nature? Or is it 11; Nature by Evil? Kumbaya 11:11 Kumbaya!

Evil by nature vs Nature by evil, so which is it?
There is an enduring quality to nature which extends itself beyond the veil of illusion, nature is just a word with a number of meanings, and that's the point of my expression here in its use. 
Nature for us includes the appreciation of the heavens, because we are destined to rise beyond planetary existence into space, through that enduring self aware nature inherent in the conscious substance extending itself within all Humanity.   Whether it happens individually or collectively as a Planet this remains to be seen.  Evil is a temporary perception, born when the mind gives it's power over to illusions, such as  taboos, myths, religious or scientific doctrines, nationalism, corporatism, all philosophical systems derived therein, an abstract or defined understanding based in instructed or conditioned concepts, and finally experience found within the inherent ignorance which exist in the limited domain of cyclic time. We are natural creatures in a world constructed of temporary things. Of course while no doctrine of reincarnation is complete, they are all in fact based on a universal truth, which by close analysis comes into focus and clarity.
Universal Brotherhood!~
  I have erected myself from the primordial substance, and fabric of existence itself, after discovering I was there All-along and should clarify the concept now a little better within the framework of my present understanding.  There is in truth no such thing as evil that extends beyond a temporary world, evil is, but an illusion., and I must clarify this emphatically. What occurs when you choose it as an expression in your existence, you prolong your existence in the temporary, it can continue without end in a succession of temporary lives, an existence in which death is the only outcome in each of them.  What I mean by evil here is practitioners of  murder, slavery, physical violence, child abuse, pedophilia, torture, and or their use, or order, through a chain of command, or corrupted influences, bribes, organized crime, things of that nature. The only instance in which physical violence may have little karma attached is in instances of self defense.

The Dream belongs to Everyone!~ It was initiated by God!

You should have a better idea of what the Heavens are like, it's mostly novelty, and amusements, that never end.

Matthew 11:14 And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. 11:15 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 11:16 But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows,11:17 And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. 11:18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a Devil.
The Bible is a marriage of various ancient manuscripts and text organized by scribes mostly to enthrone the authority of governmental powers.  These books as a whole, shouldn't be taken literally in their meaning.  While they contain life stories of ancient historical figures, and some well prescribed Universal truths, the important elements remain shrouded in rhetoric, and propaganda, which filtered out the intentions of the authors.  What we read are the fragments, and interpretations which have over time diluted the content, and therefore it creates illusionary boundaries for the mind, and maintains a level of ignorance in those not willing to analyse its content with reason, and logic.
Jesus was speaking here of reincarnation!~
Even though the Bible does contain many beliefs based in superstition, which have no place in the current World paradigm, I feel it's fair to rationalize it's content, to break an illusion, which is an incorrect interpretation, one that Christ died for your sins, or that asking for forgiveness after committing harmful acts, has any impact on a salvation, it doesn't.   Hell if it is anything at all it's simply the place where souls which are alike are placed together at the end of cycles, and those that commit the most acts of violence, and harm through their actions at some point are gathered together and exiled to a planet of energetically matched beings.   It's no different than going to Jail, except the laws of mankind have double standards, where the Law of God is absolute.  We human beings always learn the greatest, from those who energetically match our character, we are challenged the most by those whos energetic signatures are on different steps of the evolutionary ladder.  In regular cosmic cycles this is reconciled.  God does harvest those who are ready, the rest of the souls are replanted in soil appropriate to the task of preparing them for the next harvest. On those type of planets, things are different, but they are subjected to reincarnation as life on the Earth has been.

             1. CONSTANT ONE vs, 1. ONCE REMOVED
Love is enduring, in its eternal form remains constant (duality is once removed from constant), It is the work of the student of a life bound to cycles, to maintain the constant, in the face of a reality once removed. 
In the dual state, Love is bound in a trinity, of truth, and justice, both of which in certain instances manifest as darkness within the vessel of time for light to endure.  My explanation for this is that Truth can shake the foundation of prior beliefs, which were a basis in ones understanding of reality.  Justice does the same thing, but in a different way, for nothing is hidden from the awareness of the Supreme Being.
 Mickey therefore had white face upon darkness. For humanity there are two types of existence, Eternity with God, in a universal brotherhood of mankind, or time (The former once removed) in eternity, which is the same absent the ever presence of God. And there are rules within time, that force an individual to reconcile, and contend with forces which play in the hands of illusion. 
  Even those you would call Gods, and God himself, cannot break the rules which pervade within the domain of time. 
Until a grand solar cycle arrives, and these do come like clock work. At which point all bets are off as to how thing emerge, because the power of God is infinite, it has no limits in actual manifestation.   Anything in the domain of time, can be perceived as darkness or light, and just about anyone, or thing can become casualties of perception, or misperception. But to injure another living Human being within the domain of time in any calculated way, always comeback to you in time.
A creature from another world!~
Evolution for Human beings is a different affair, than all other living creatures on the Planet,  We have a consciousness steeped in awareness of the heavens, because in fact we also have a portion of our being within the imperishable substance of the Divine. Our ultimate evolution is to transcend the limitations of a mortal vessel.   That does not mean transcending physicality, as I explained in a previous blog.   Even in the Hindu Doctrines the classifications of deity have a Nihilistic bend, philosophically nihilism had it's roots in Buddhism.
     The Seventh Dimension has it's constant!

11:11 You can only ever be once removed from God!

The Mystery of 11/11 is that in cyclic time, and any reality therein, one can only ever be once removed from GOD, a state which is the very source of darkness for it has an end that is also constant!  Where the constant eternal resonance is found in math, and illustrated for you above, is in the only cyclic number with a 1 leading 142857, what ends pass the 7th dimension is duality. Why does it end? because there is no death or suffering, and the same applies to a 5th dimensional Planets.  Some of us entered existence on Earth from the 7th dimension, and some of us have never evolved beyond the 3rd.

I will cover more on this subject in my next blog post! Until Then Peace!~