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(There's a Cure fore That.) A Forecast Thru Ether!

One of the afternoons, I woke up after being in a different
I will address where the scientific findings validate earlier knowledge passed down through the ages by the keepers of wisdom from ancient times, because it is important in the progression of mankind. Revealing the continuity of law, not as it relates to man made concepts, but universals which construct the make up of the reality we currently, individually, and collectively occupy.  

Quantum equilibrium, vs Quantum non-equilibrium
The true state of being which applies to all beings is equilibrium, in a universal sense, because the spirit within each one of us is an energy that does not in actuality perish.  But there is in our present reality a factor of non-equilibrium based in illusion, and that in a sense, is what causes time to lapse in a fashion that degrades in cyclic lifetimes. Okay so I found this tidbit on Wikipedia that kind of theorizes this much..

The relevance of quantum non-equilibrium states to physics lies in the fact that they can lead to different predictions for results of experiments, depending on whether the De Broglie–Bohm theory in its stochastic form or the Copenhagen interpretation is assumed to describe reality. (The Copenhagen interpretation, which stipulates the Born rule a priori, does not foresee the existence of quantum non-equilibrium states at all.) That is, properties of quantum non-equilibrium can make certain classes of Bohmian theories falsifiable according to the criterion of Karl Popper

We are not separate from the processes which occur not only on the Earth or within the Heliosphere, but rather the entire cosmos is interwoven, and if Quantum Mechanics has revealed anything at all it is to highlight the fact that all things are composites within one continuously expanding and evolving Universe.  Of course this was known to the ancients, and called the primordial substance ether, and any number of names implying the same substance from Anaximander's, boundless infinite `Apeiron' to Helena Blavatsky's  Indivisible Truth, The Absolute, Unknown Root, the One reality..etc Be-ness rather than being,  If you scroll down on Blavatsky's wikipedia page, you'll find her interpretation of Cosmic evolution.  Some of her Philosophical conclusions, have been validated in quantum mechanics.  Quantum Entanglements, in essence, and as it relates to the biosphere of Earth, and I can only explain it this way for those of you who don't believe in Gods, without the Earth, would you exist?   Where did you come from, and to who will you return to?   Some of us recognize the Earth is a Living Being and a Goddess, that is off topic a little, but relevant, and I will explain her role in the evolutionary process of mankind, in the next paragraph, but first, on the nature of the multi-dimensional universe, and how some dimensions are not bound by the relativity of time, or the speed of light. 
"Experimental results have demonstrated that effects due to entanglement travel at least thousands of times faster than the speed of light,[23][24] and that when measurements of the entangled particles are made in moving relativistic reference frames, in which each respective measurement occurs before the other, the measurement results remain correlated"...This relates to the non-locality factor of consciousness, and also relates to the overlapping dimensions, That I've been trying to explain in understandable language.

A Whole New World!
Anyway what I am eluding to here is what I had stated in my previous blog post that anything that dies is not real.  It's not to be cruel, time for me has become a revealing portal of quantum entanglements, or synchronicities.  On two occasions I've experienced strange instances where I've had some vivid dreams, and upon waking it seems as if the world in which I wake from follows me into this reality, and at times gets dragged in.  Creating familiar impressions in the clouds, and I know I'm not the only one who has had this experience.   I' m certain that this reality is a manifestation for the purpose of learning, but along with that it is also the way in which creation expands.  The following is an elaborated explanation of how units of consciousness expand on and upward, and how Humans are born of Planetary Animal life.  The Earth has a consciousness like you, and I, simply put, is much more advanced, philosophically related to what in Sanskrit is  प्रकृति, or Prakriti, She has a much larger capacity for sustaining life, than we can possibly conceive. Mankind's systems are imposed over hers. In a Global consciousness as ours has become, the need to re-balance with the Earths natural systems is paramount to our survival on the Planet.  She independently creates all plant, and animal life from any number of potentials existing throughout the overlapping dimensions those unseen to us, but which exist throughout space.  Life on the Earth which includes all living organisms is a spiritual expression, for her a devotion based in Love.  The greatest independence she can grant a creature born of her Love in the animal kingdom is to make it an offering to God.  That is how Humans come into existence.  When that animal completes it's life cycle, and is made ready for human life it goes through a process in which the creature becomes ensouled, by the Earth and a twin soul is issued forth at the same exact instance by God, both evolve through and for each other, but neither has your twin soul if you were born of the Earth ever experienced cyclic time, neither can they until you have evolved out of cyclic time.  That being existing eternally is part of you, Your twin soul is who sees you between lives in cyclic time.   You can unit with Your twin soul after a single life-time, but that is rare.  There are parables, like what should profit a man should he gain the whole world and lose his soul in the process, that is essentially distancing yourself further in cyclic time from the eternal aspect of yourself, Your twin soul not bound by cyclic time which is always an aspect of you.  Of course you twin soul has eternity, to wheeled you to them, and you are an aspect of them they can never abandon.  So it is this other being, which was forged by the absolute, and came into existence alongside you, to see you through for all time, and beyond, and they work on your behalf always, but since you're born of the same substance, from the call of the Earth, must be born of the Earth, and you can either progress towards or away in single life cycle,. the discrepancy between your energies is what you are to evolve from, once you are in alignment with Their essence meaning your twin soul, you will unit with them.  It is Your twin soul in kingdom of Heaven that determines the incarnations, to best serve the purpose of uniting with you.  Your twin soul handles the decisions as to what is going to be your next incarnation etc, in other words your twin soul is your handler when it comes to managing your karma, the soul purpose of which is to Dissolve the discrepancy between your two energies, so that you can join them in eternity.      
When Life is treasured by All, Death has no legs to stand on!

What about all the lives, marriages, and Earthly bonds, friendships, etc?  They become Kin, Brothers and Sisters in Eternity, and while I don't really like quoting biblical text, for the fact it has been altered countless times, and is used to control rather liberate a person, Jesus Christ answers this well, From the prospective of Jesus, all are dead in cyclic time, resurrection is Eternal,`from Luke 20 
34 And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:
 35 But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:
 36 Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection. 

The above was a response when Jesus was asked a hypothetical question about a Mosaic Law, and he gave a parable of brothers marrying a widowed sister in law, through a succession of seven brothers each dying prior to her bearing children., and finally she herself dying.  In other words marriage, and Earthly life has importance, only towards that which is Eternal according to Jesus Christ.  I should clarify, that this is not intended to dogmatify, and biblical references are just that (references), rather than authority, the Bible is not a user friendly book.., And the information I share is a self-realized one.  I do not disagree with much of the philosophy of Christ.  I don't make a religion out of it, and I find many of the same principles in his philosophy completely in alignment, with those I've realized myself.  

Enter the Dragon!
 Anyway what you end up in is a paradise of limitless potentials, some of which can only be experienced in time, child birth is one of them. When you reach the other side of the veil, You have an immortal body, which is unisex, meaning you morph into any number of extremes between masculine and feminine expressions, your twin soul can do the same.   Cyclic time forces us to experience any number of qualities through any given life time, yet the experiences in cyclic time are temporary. Cyclic is the operative word, because the nature of time, can also be adapted, relative to eternal materiality, which as I explained in a previous blog is considered the 5th dimension.   And as to the nature of having a twin soul, that is how an aspect of you will always be God-like, and after you have evolved into the state of Their nature, they can experience cyclic time too, but that is going beyond the point, and your twin soul is the only being who can search your deepest thoughts.  When the Truth comes to light, it is always the Goddess who initiates, your evolution, for those born of the Earth it was the Earth that offered you to God, and initiated your Human Birth.
Imagination which is divine intuition, or a connecting to your higher self, is how you grow, and evolve, also when you view the world through the eyes of Love, you are inspired, by both nature, and the imaginations, creativeness, and achievements, of your fellow human beings even more your love grows..There are the energies which slow all that down, and they include, hate, envy, jealousy among them..Anyway as to the nature of time,

"No one could say that a bar of metal dropped into the sea came into existence as it left the air, and ceased to exist as it entered the water, and that the bar itself consisted only of that cross-section thereof which at any given moment coincided with the mathematical plane that separates, and, at the same time, joins, the atmosphere and the ocean. Even so of persons and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the has-been, out of the future into the past — present momentarily to our senses a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as they pass through time and space (as matter) on their way from one eternity to another: and these two constitute that “duration” in which alone anything has true existence, were our senses but able to cognize it there." Blavatsky

Non-local consciousness has one source, and it relates to this finding in science.   The earth is a planet hosting cyclic time right now, but that won't always be the case, and like wise there are beings who originated in other planets, and they would have already evolved and incarnated on Earth to contribute something towards the greater good of mankind.  Non-local streams of consciousness are generally predetermined if they relate to individuals who incarnated from beyond time.  So God is a light that balances the universe, and this relates to phenomena measurable close to black holes..  And Born rule as stated "a priori, does not foresee the existence of quantum non-equilibrium states at all."  which means to me that non-equilibrium only really exist in a dream.
I'm not the only being who has either through intuition or inquiry reached this conclusion.

With reincarnation (the link is to the most down to earth explanation of the purpose of reincarnation.) I'm not trying here to build upon myths or create new ones, and I certainly don't proclaim to start a new religion of any kind, the purpose of this blog post is to satisfy an issue conferred upon Me in my contemplation of evolution for those great aspiration the majority of mankind seeks, namely Peace, and security, something which cannot really be guaranteed, due to the lack in cohesion in schools of thought (think tanks), religious divide, corporate, and financial inequality. These are issues weapons, and war will never resolve either.   What I will acknowledge now is that many of these issues give rise to energies, because as nothing in nature is stagnant, much of those energies are responsible for much of Mother Nature's rage. This is related to the fact that all life even in a cyclic setting has a sacred origin, from an intelligence far greater than we as human beings can fully contemplate, from the density of cyclic material time, we are barely begin to comprehend, yet some of us are aware it gave rise to us.  I would also continue here by saying that It is God.  There are more things about this realty that I've learned, but I would like to paraphrase Buddha, by saying don't believe anything you hear, read, or learn, not even if I say it, unless it resonates with you.  Most of the souls incarnated on this Earth stay on the Earth until they evolve sufficiently to progress to the next evolutionary step, and even if mankind developed craft to fly to mars, our bodies are not evolved to the point of sustaining any meaningful time in space.  There are requirements for that type of evolution, and since we are all in this together it is either slowed or advanced based on a criteria of spiritual growth, because time only grants time, and only time can bury time, and all that is determined by our actions more than anything.  Evolution is not held back to any individual, but unfortunately we wouldn't know until we have passed over.  And suicide unless you wrote the script to your own exit, having already evolved in a prior life or epoch, is not really an option it forces you right back into this world.  I have a practical solution, and a prescription for the way to dawn a seamless new age for mankind that will include the use of space for both leisure and exploration. 
Financial reform:  I discovered a well written blog post that is fully in sync with exactly the same realization I experienced..published over a year ago, but no less relevant For What it's Worth by Crystal Rose
Money is a medium of exchange, that civilization has been built upon;  The first step in reform would be to abolish all debt, corporations included,`a zeroing out.  The corporations will have to adhere to placing life before profits, in any such agreement. Then a reissue of national currencies that parity in value across the globe.  I am not concerned with the gaps between the wealthy or poor, I'm interested in eliminating poverty once and for all.  Eventually all finance will become obsolete, but while this remains a medium of exchange, for human beings on the Earth, and it is a system imposed over all mankind, all humans are entitled to a sustainable flow, and I recommend, that every human on the planet receive a sum of $800.00 a month, rich or poor, and in exchange for this, a form of community service of  5 hours a week be all required of individuals unemployed.   To those that have accumulated vast amounts of money in their life time, you will received the same subsidy as all other people meaning there will be no way to grow your wealth other than to invest in and partake in innovation.  The end goal in all this is to reach an energetic peak from which to proceed with evolution of the Our species and the Earth, if all countries comply a program of this nature, or the majority do, it would eradicate most crime, empower, and endow mankind with hope, and finally bury time once and for all.   I'm not concerned with the minutia, for how some beings have accumulated wealth, the karmic attachments are for them personally to resolve.   There are economist who I am sure can purpose a plan that will not strip the qualities of creative, and innovative spirit, but distribute it's potentials in an equal and balanced way, by reforming the medium. The real truth here is that God is the being that can never stop giving for in the instance that occurred, the universe would end.  At some point money in any form outside of time, is no different than play dough, it becomes a toy, and sometimes can be used in games.  The game I purpose to bridge the new frontier is that Countries print a debt free currency and except each others currency at face value, and a monthly fund be granted to each citizen according to what would constitute basic needs.   There is concern about over population, and I know for a fact that the Earth can provide for all humans on the planet, where this issue tailgates into concern for me is irresponsible parenting, every child born on the earth at some point should be accounted for in terms of being fully desired and welcomed by it's Parents.  A child cannot be a possession, it is a separate soul, and is on a journey through time as it's Parents are.  And while I may feel abortion is not the best option for birth control.  The fetus has no soul, the soul generally enters the child at the time the water breaks, and sometimes, it enters shortly after birth.  I hope by sharing this that any Woman who made the choice (for whatever reason ) to not bring a child into this world, opting for an abortion, that it is not a sin, a soul will stay as free as possible even in the astral plane were in between lives they experience the companionship of their twin soul, until they emerge in the world.    So anyway, to all pro-lifers, now is the time to make your stand, and work towards making sure every child in the world is fed, has a loving home, and lives in a non-violent peaceful world, with the same opportunities to develop, and unlock their full potential whatever that maybe.

"Without imagination we would perish"..

The Galactic Center is Proceeding!

The Golden Calf, is the deadliest thing of all!  It Goes by other names usury among them..This was a commandment, expressed to Me by a higher power.  Shared in an earlier blog post, which was also a creative expression no harm intended. The Golden Calf is the source of hellish conditions, but there is no such thing as an actual Hell.

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