Friday, August 31, 2012

The Corridor of the Life After Life !

As Walter Elias Disney I had died rich only by my
contribution to mankind!`
One of the elements about existence is that all souls, have come into being from one source.   Reincarnation, is a part of human evolution, in fact all life is ever evolving,  but the Human soul is the individuated, and the animal soul is a collective soul. Human souls earned greater individuation, from initially having a collective planetary soul in the animal kingdom.  
I will discuss what transpires between lives so that you may understand how the universe organizes a place of existence for all beings that is secured in eternity.   The first time in which a soul emerges as a human being, the universe finds the perfect balance to incubate that soul.  That means in a world like this an initial soul would not be born in extremes of poverty, or wealth as perceived by the society at large.  That soul from that point on is a unite of consciousness/time which will, through the human evolution evolve into greater mastery, over that which it is, a conscious unit of time, and still remain a conscious unit independent of its creator for all eternity.    Human existence is part of a cycle, and in essence there is nothing that returns with you between lives except the energy that you created as a result of your foot prints in materiality.   This information is given to me from my higher-self, and I freely distribute it now, but as all information I have shared it is related to the unique prospective that is shaped from my present life experience, and desire to return to freedom of not being bound to the temporary cycles, that we experience, on Earth. 
 "For in and out, above, about, below, 'Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show, Played in a box whose candle is the Sun, Round which we Phantom Figures come and go."  Omar Khayyam
Karma simply means action, so to live and to be is Karma, in duality it arises with reaction.

 This is one of his most memorable lectures, though he claimed to be primarily an entertainer, I believe his ultimate purpose in that was to expose, the deceptive practices of the Gurus both in his day, and to come, and he definitely nailed them, because for the most part they are Con men, some believe their own game, but most of them know they are deceiving their followers, adepts, and pupils, and either use the authority to help the individuals, or to mislead them.  I don't want to get too far ahead of the point I am trying to express, but will say finally that Alan Watts ruptured the chrysalis, by not playing by the rules, he revealed ultimate truths, and in the most subtle way dogged every would be guru with his brilliance. He was a Zen Master who made institutionalized religion the object of his war, and it rightfully deserved to be. 
 Since the dawn of consciousness in mankind, understanding his own mind, has obsessed Man generally speaking. Anyway So I thank Alan Watts, the fact that exposed the game has made it possible for people like myself, to live beyond it.   
The Human soul, and all collective souls are always 7th dimensional entities, but there is no freedom in that dimension, because its center of consciousness is its avatar, a Human body is biological avatar of the soul, animal body is the same, the collective animal souls are maintained completely on the Earth, a humans soul is contained in the Sun, and a Human soul is bound to the Star where it is developing.  In order to travel through the cosmos, moving from one star system to another, your souls will have had to evolve to the point where it has evolved to that level of freedom.  Once a souls avatar has passed from this manifest realm it enters into the 6th dimension which always is one based in energy & time. Once there that soul only has their energetic signature, and depending on the being, it is based on the foot prints of their last incarnation into material existence, any suffering they intentionally caused to another (I am relating this to acts of war from a power vacuum, all institutionalized power is in a vacuum, in other words, power in the world is always through taking, through deception etc.) all energies that where not grown out of or matured from during the material existence, are present in the initial entry into the astral 6th dimension, this then progresses into the previous Avatar/life energy all the way back to their first human incarnation, essentially it is a process of purification, the energy of the eternal is felt again, all memory is sealed again and the soul is give a rebirth as a human being. 
When it comes to Power, the power in the world, can never be, but a shadow to the power of Nature.

 When the energy field of the point of consciousness for a soul has no distance from the energy field in which God is ever existent, that is when a soul is ready to enter a greater plane of manifestation. 
The energy field of God is unconditional Love, and unconditional Love is loyal to unconditional love, anything else is a shadow. 
The concept of unconditional love has been completely and utterly destroyed by people willing to lie, and tell you it is something it is not.  For example people have been deceived into believing that unconditional love is what a dog gives you, that isn't the case, a dog by nature is a programmed beggar, a dog has been bred by Mankind, to beg, and nature has refined it, to be a consummate and perfected beggar.  People have strange concepts about love, and they are filled with preconceptions, about love, and I won't go into details here, but simply state the world is not based on love.
  A soul can mature into unconditionally loving during any point of its life as a human being.  The evolving souls, either grow more distant from the unconditional Love energy in which God ever exist, or are growing closer in their human incarnation.  The distant soul is purified in the astral, and resets through reincarnation, but only when that soul is at parity with the nature of God, is it embodied in eternal life.  

 When a soul does not evolve, and those of tyrants, take for example Nero, never do, at least during that lifetime.  They get a taste of all the suffering they caused, because in the end, the suffering was an unacceptable present, and the energy lingers in the astral to the giver, and what waits for them is a whole lot of energy which is rightfully theirs, some of their energy is dissolved in the process of experiencing it in the astral, and some can only be dissolved through reincarnation into human life again.  So when you consider the murderers, even the ones who murder by proxy, at time of death, their energetic signature is magnified by all the suffering which extended from their time in material existence.  If the many tombs of Kings and Queens of Egypt prove anything, it is that the furthest you can take any material object with you is a grave.   But the energy associated with attachment, and the form of acquisition extends beyond the grave. Regardless, the unconditional Love of God will always be the last energy you experience prior to any incarnation, it is the Alpha & Omega beginning and end of all beings, and all things really, at every level of creation.  Evolution therefore in the material world is always spiritual in nature.   Human beings are a Universal species, and humanity has infinite diversity built into its blue print, and God in the 5th dimension is in perfected human form., All beings evolve into a units of consciousness, almost equivalent to that of God, with the exception of order in which that being attended that existence, and each Cosmic being has a unique quality shaped sometimes by countless incarnations as a Planetary human being, at that point you no longer have to incarnate on a 3rd dimensional Planet, and if you did you would be able to plan your life in that world, and it would be one in which you are still bound to return to the eternal you.   Cosmic beings however can plan a life in a world like ours, and still have full presence, in the eternal, but always have parked an aspect of their soul in the Sun for the duration of the incarnation on the Planet.  There is order to creation, and the earlier beings which are referred to as Angels or Gods, have extraordinary power, because the universe evolved in cycles.  Missions on planets like earth don't exclude us from experiencing suffering like anyone else, because of the density of material existence, and degree of separation from our originating selves.  The gap between the DNA of our human bodies, and the dormant portion, what is considered junk DNA, or RNA, would constitute the different between a life and death cycle, and eternal being, the difference is enormous. That portion of  dormant DNA also includes a Universal language, and many other aspects which are not present in the human species of an evolving planet.   

I've revised this post, on 9/4/2013, since this blog is an essay for Me to climb out of the black hole I fell into when I came across information about 9-11 in 2006 that shattered everything I believed about the world, it is an ongoing project, that is almost complete, but I hope it serves others like myself who spiraled into a depression as a result of that information.  The climb out has actually made me see layers of reality that I didn't even know existed, and that is some of what I am sharing in these blogs.  I am not a writer by profession obviously so my apologies for any grammatical errors.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There's a Cure For That `Earth Face Truth Rose'!~

Good Day Tezcatlipoca,`Optic Cat Zeal!~
No matter how many all truism you can find about God, how many images are painted, and mythologies created, there is an in sign about the creator which has been revealed to me.
God is not a tyrant, a bully, a Distroyer or any number of qualities that are attributed to God.

In the Milkaway Galaxy, there are no Sacred Cows!~
God is Love the enduring being which in our happiest moments we as humans can obtain a fleeting  sensation of,`what is the experience of  the divine and first of all creation always.  God is the bliss of bliss, the joy of joys, and love of loves,  the happiness in happiness, and the ecstasy of ecstasies.   God being the first of all things is the living existential nirvana and can never be otherwise. And what I'm trying to express here is you can blame God for all of your woes, suffering, and pain, you can pray and ask for meaningless things, but all of these types of gesture have zero effect on the being that is God. If you are in alignment with Love, having enough unconditional Love to stand in your light and truth, then that is a different story, and God begins to take notice then.  God was perfect from the beginning and will always be that, and to obtain the crest of perfection under the care and Love of God is the destiny of mankind, our ultimate goal as a species is to unfold in the Love of God, which by the way is a feminine power.  And the another aspect to life and death explicit in this text is that we are all part of the tree of life, there are no sacred cows, and for lack of love which is the divine alchemical water of life, we as human beings on that tree wither away as leaves which dry up for lack of nourishment.   There are distractions all over the place in this world, and the invitation to hate, loathe, envy, or dehumanize your fellows, yet all are here for the purpose of growth in what is the everlasting essence of each individual, eternal co-existence with God. 

Earth has been an elevator for consciousness, in temporary biological accommodations, but that is not the true destiny of mankind, or the earth, and this information is sourced from Me existing in a state of solitude and oneness, along with direct experience, and fellowship in the felt presence of God.  By outer appearances, and by their actions some beings maybe reversing their evolutionary path, while others are on the clear path for perfection.  But the truth is we all exist in one solar system under the care of a universal creator, and the destiny of all beings on earth is linked.  The universe reflects back both in distance, and darkness the collective ignorance of mankind, and in order to evolve, `knowledge not superstition and fear must be a catalyst by which our planet moves forward.  One of the problems that affects us all is the weather, and some of the weather events are manifestations of our fears, and the energy that we create on the planet, we are co-creators on this globe, and it has the potential to be a paradise or nightmare.  We are in a time of transition and the entire Planet is being conditioned for the eminent presence of greater creation, and what in new age circles in known as ascension. And in lay terms that means leaving pettiness behind.  And that includes mythologies based on archetypes of vengeful, wrathful deities.

What constitutes our state of duality as human beings? The dark concessions within the world.  God is unconditional love, Human beings are not always, because in the confusion of materiality we misconstrue our true value, which in essence is priceless, and therefore duality exist.  Duality is life and death cycles, and you can view this from the prospective of the Almighty, as having been set free from the dominion of his reign.  The almighty intervenes seldomly in this World in which mankind worships temporary powers which in their most devastating manifestations, have created intolerable conditions not only for the species of mankind, but wreck havoc on the surrounding creation.  The reason why existing in such a state is limited in time, is for the same reason that suffering individually or collectively do not go on forever, they are foreign to the nature of God, yet God having unconditional Love allows for such experiences in a life cycle which degenerates with time.   I have a clearing insight an analogy which is to concede that when looked at from a higher prospective this reality is a dream, because what dies is not real, from an enlightened prospective this makes perfect sense.    

 I'm not the first in the sense of being the almighty himself, I am the human mirror of the divine, the version which returns back to oneness with the first of all things, of my future I am certain.   I am the son, and my ministry was two fold, first to create the place where magic could be born, and Happiness unfold through an experience that was appealing, and welcoming to all people, and second to use that power to transform the manifestation of life on this Earth into the everlasting, which includes facilitating the full use of space, but that requires a collective desire, and all I can really do is educate on what it would take to end duality, and restore the Earth.  That will require a decline in ignorance, restoration of hope, and at this point that can only really come about via concessions which true democracy can bring, something which likewise we don't really have in the United States, and it will also require an end to the use of military force as a means of expanding empire.  God in the truest sense has no enemies.  Humanities enemies branch from the same tree ignorance.  And there are beings who manipulate, and exploit mankind through the vehicle of ignorance, because they have no power of their own, and likewise they suffer just the same.  Life on this earth is a circle. What comes around, goes around, and comes back around.   And you just never really know, when you go and fight wars of aggression, the child you've killed might have been your grandparent at one time. So just keep that in mind, to those that make senseless killing a sport.   The Palestinian in an Israeli prison might have been a Jew before, and that is the nature of life on this Earth, and the reincarnation that takes place here.  

For a City named Peace, Jerusalem sure has a terrible track record.  I believe that all of the Earth is sacred, and I place no importance between one area or another.  I guess once you believe Woman was formed from the rib of Man, you might be convinced of anything at that point..Was God doing Adam before he Made eve...Makes me wonder if God was a ST.EVE.
Anyway you can never really leave the past behind until you've learned what you needed to from it.  That requires Love

Did you right the book of Love? 

Time, it is like an index of refraction for light, and sometimes light can get through sometimes it doesn't.  Some of 

OMG no Sis! 
us choose only time, and there is nothing wrong with that, but when you choose only time, that's where you remain, and the chances to evolve continue, even if you degenerate, and die each successive re-incarnation gets you closer to   Light which is Love, and is never apart from truth, and Justice, the three our bound as a holy trinity. And that is an aspect about the absoluteness of infinite Light.   If I wronged anyone when I was here as Walt Disney, it was never my intention then, and I hope I've made up for it sharing this truth now.   I have no Earthly ties to the daily operations of the company, and I'm not ashamed to be on food stamps, and unemployed.  However there is a lot of energy that flows my way as a result of who I was, and I'm doing the best I can with it to bridge heaven and Earth!~  As a child I use to bang my head on a pillow for hours at a time listening to music, as a way of transmuting whatever it was that was overwhelming me, I was ashamed of being different, but now I realize being different can be a good thing if your heart is in the right place.  Because of the way I raised money to build that enterprise back then, and the involvement in corporate sponsorships, etc... I must now divorce myself from that life entirely, and I do, My sight is set on a future, that includes the accountability of corporations.