Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kabearla My `CarRots' for Evil. ॐ

The Golden Calf of Usury is dunn,`here the Sun reveals it's head!
Being reminded consistently, of what the Kingdom of God looks like, and well on Earth this exist, mostly in the abstract, yet can be felt, once one improves upon trusting intuition.  All of us are born with these instincts, but not a lot of us utilized them to the greatest of potential.  I'm learning as I Go not to get stuck in absolutism when it comes to abstract concepts especially those shaped by culture, institutions, theological doctrines, or scientific, and philosophical concepts, I can't verify, or otherwise observe in nature, or the Mankind crafted world, born of resources, and ingenuity of Human activity.

Take Me in Your Bones Until Your DYIN Breath!
Let all fear go, I am changing too, my body pulses like a gamma light, and I have no control over the changes God is placing on my body..I suspect that the physical changes I experience will be liken to the changes the planet is going through now..Swift and smooth of gentle sueth..No prayer for the dying says He, who knows who to bless, and sure has bless Me.
I was on a cross, but that is no loss, cause Heaven is part my kingdom,
which is every thing you see and dont all of the earth is part of it too, so is the sun and
every star too, near or far from love they are not distant !
The Ducky Sleeps tonight!~
~`Wakeful Glories'~ Kabearla Version Evermore
Today is a Good Day, and I'm using words
They're Power, an dair Meaning, conjunction evermore..
Conjuring with an Magic 

And reason
Wandering to the space of full consciousness
Conjuring with An Magic and reason
Wandering to the space of full consciousness
Lets get full Conscious Buddies
Lets get full Conscience
Lets get full Conscious Buddies
Lets get full Conscience
Words are useful, Magically render sense
They will open up a door
Cat's I express what feel
Conjuring with an Magic and reason
wandering to the space of full consciousness
conjuring with an Magic and reason
wandering to the space of full consciousness
An Insight we'll all be grooving Well
dancing and prancing
Cats now express what I Deal
wandering , wandering,

I'm wondering, wandering, in De Place of full consciousness
And all that you've ever done
You'll never forget
It always returns to Rend...Copywride 20' 12" Galan Tollbanks...

 ELLAVAZION 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years. (period)
3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season...LALALALALA 

The Debt to God for creating Money is a free fall into a bottom less pit..I got just some change in my pocket and a the little I use from selling stuff on ebay, and the only debts they've tried to pin on me was from dragging me to mental hospitals against my will, I am the son of God, which is him in the flesh, and this country, and world has trespassed on our creation in every way, I'm even on food stamps, and in every way my father in Heaven is trying to let you all know, that the banks are on thin ice, and anyone serving usurous banking cartels will be sent to that bottomless pit.  Since I was a young boy I've been abused or used by people, and he's got everyone of them targeted and marked.    
That's Me in the Cloud making heavenly father proud, cause on Earth,
the folks I was born too have really abused Me.

And when you prey on the Son of God, you damn your soul to hell, You go there with that
Israel a bitch from hell demonic bump and grind, the leaders there they are not well, I'd say they've lost their mind. Their running every scam they can, death delt to them by Gods Great plan..They will not evolve with Me and hell is their true destiny!*~© Ω 20'12"~ I'm 2' 3" my stats are free, and I love Palestine!~
The truth is I really don't care of my artistic experession offend anyone.  All governments eventually will Dissolve, and there is no question about those which operate through the bane of deception.
When I lived life here as Walt Disney it's was the banks that caused me the
greatest of sleepless nights, and some Jews hated me out right even.

Look Up See Might before you call me an anti-See Might , or label Me with that word.. My `CarRots' for evil.
God Love everyone, Some of you got free vill, time in a can, a bottomless pit, of mending what you take, rape, or abuse, having money is no excuse, and worse if you usurously earned it, and didn't do anything productive. All the drug cartels, which include the Israeli government which is behind most of them, and criminal gangs, Religious gangs are all damned too. Some of you have known who I'am, and yes I'm hear to free you, from the shackles of that blasphemous nation, and it's Horrors.  The rest of Us get free will in Heavens great plan for the Earth, which is an eternal rebirth, as a fifth dimensional paradise.  Archangel Michael will be the first to manifest in all the splendor and glory of a perfect 5D body..When that time arrives..Mr. Tollbanks.

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