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© Court by RA; The 6th & 7th Dimensions! ©

CALI YU~GAWN! Or is It Kali Yu~Gawn
Same Difference Yu-`Gawn' !~

Deep Fried Obi!
No one here named Kali...The Sixth Dimension is where you end up after death, this is always a non-physical dimension, and it consist of the place where your soul exist in potentia, it is not heaven, it is not hell, it is where none of your past lives are hidden from you, and it is the place from which you know all things.  This is also the place from which your choices to embody physical life are based on your souls past life(s) experiences, and also requirements for progressing forward in evolution.  The closest text on this non-physical dimension is the Bardo Thodol. Our eternal substance is Spite in nature, and the material dimensions exist to provide spirit an environment for expression.  Some of the material dimensions are conditional, and some are not.  The physical Human Body is that which nature provides, and which God has designed. In the case of the Planet Earth we are the elements of Earth temporarily. We share an Electromagnetic field with the Earth, and that is the purpose for iron being in our bodies. The Sixth dimension relates information to our bodies via the earths electromagnetic field, which is in constant communication with the Sun, and God himself which oversees all things Universally.  

 'Court by RA' The real `Rotary club` as opposed to This

God will enforce this law differently with the 'FIRST" World... Something in the abstract, and a creation of bureaucracy, the dwelling of Chaos, along with it's companion corruption.  The world is three dimensional, all is Third world in reality. Scarcity is the tool used in the manipulation of Mankind..The First World is this esential imbalance that creates so much suffering throughout the Planet, `A living creature, capable of administering evolutionary codes from an infinitely benevolent GOD. 
The Mother living in poverty that gives up her child to a job to bring food to the table will be free of any blame for her action, it is the person(s), or corporation(s), and Who those corporations lead to, that are willing to exploit the child that judgement will fall upon.  All Corporations are Judged by the 10 commandments, and this will be delivered by GOD, Non-profits are not exempt. 

For the rest Mankind like George Calin, said "Be greatful You ain't in that small CLUB."

The cleansing of Evil, and the end of Death as a condition which permeates the cycles of all living creatures on Planet Earth in it's current Manifestation.  The Planet as part of creation also shares a soul with the Almighty (holy spirit), and is evolving now.  Judgement will be Global in nature, and God will turn the switch off on all offenders.
The Universal Judgements of GOD Almighty, will fall upon..Beings who have engaged themselves in the following.

1.Crimes against Children, any act of lewdness, sexual exploitation, sexual contact, or sexual abuse with a prepubescent Child(ren) (which by it's nature is non-consensual). And any form of forced labor, Slavery or trafficking of Children. 

2. All Power obtained through corruption in all seats of government(s), institution(s) of power public or hidden.  

3. Murderers, and those upholding or enacting unjust Laws.

The infinite Cosmos knows what to do, Cos-Moses knows best in a statue!~ Love is what the Universe reaps , and Love is GOD who plays for Keeps.©.©.everything else inside you repeats.©.©.Until you are ready from lessons you've learned in time only wisdom is what the soul earned..❥=-) © 
As for the Anti-Christ & Son of Perdition
Destroyed in the Truth...An Eternal Rendition!©

Now as for what is considered evil, the concepts of Good and Evil, and what constitutes the foundations of both.  Once again these are concepts relative to the individual, because each soul has had a different journey, and life experience.  Universal Law is upheld always,  If you live a life which consistently endangers the wellbeing of others, or you subject others to slavery, the fruits of your work are undone through reincarnation.  Sometimes you can undo this in one life, sometimes it takes multiple lives, and for the most wicked of souls, it can take an entire aeon.  You reap what you sow, so the story goes.  The Sixth dimension, and above is where your dreams are from.  You Go there where time is not a factor every night while you sleep.  The Seventh Dimension and beyond is where evolution ends, and real freedom begins as Children of GOD.  5th Dimensional Planets are for those who obtained the highest evolution possible.  All other souls are recycled in time, under similar conditions of Earths known and unknown current and past cycles of time.
I will explain the scientific findings for the Six and Seventh dimensions in my next blog post, in some instances, these relate to the unsolved problems of physics. 

Now about Magic,

The Sun prepares for the changes! Two
potential destinations! Revealed on Glue!
Around midnight on Sunday June 24th, 2012,  I was smoking a cigarette on the front porch when two cats went by, one is a black kitty that lives in the gutter, the other one was new his colors were like those of the Robber Kitten a Disney Silly symphony.  As they walked past the driveway they both glanced at Me, both headed in the same relative direction. The black cat went into the gutter as usual, and the other kitty layed down, and rested on top of the manhole cover.  What happens next is a beam of consciousness from the evening stars into my brain, a sonata from the cosmos a spell to recite out loud, after I spoke the words, which I don't fully recall now, that Robber Kitty got up, and started meowing all sorts of language, and vocalizing, through some of the neighbors yards.  Anyway what came down to me was something in the nature of every creature submits perfectly to the will of creator except mankind, This creature has a reward from the cosmos for he has done all of nature a favor...I'm paraphrasing here...whatever I said activated a behavior in the Cat strangely enough, and he began to sing. 
Submitting My will to God wasn't something I fully understood as the concepts of God are so different yet the being himself is the same, and there is no reconcilation with any one religion, for all lack in the full knowledge of the Almighty's nature.   
After that kitty dance occurred, I went off to purchase a late meal, and when I came back the Black kitty was hanging out on the porch, so I tossed it a piece of bacon from a sandwich, and it ran into the gutter,  I grabbed the bacon strip, and placed it just in front of the gutter he ran into.   After eating, I went back out to smoke a cigarette, something I usually do after every meal.  The black Kitty was not on the man cover, but he was resting on the concrete slab where the manhole cover is, and well his tail was on the fire lane, and I recited the second portion of a spell which came down from the cosmos.  The black cat symbolizes darkness, and black magic..and to undo all of it regardless of it's source..I recited words I don't even recall them now, but indeed it created a response from the cat, and he was all too willing, he got up, and then dragged his tail across the red fire lane it was strange, then he curled the tail back toward himself, meowed, and went into the gutter.   Both of these ferral Cats have done all of nature a favor. 
I have had to Bind the Complete Works of Fancois Rabelais volumes 1-2, and it was copy 772 from an edition of 4300.  What this binding creates is the condition from which evil can self destruct by it's actions,`past and present.  The work I do is done before the light of truth, and the Sun bears witness too, and even the image here is in sync with the action, being photo DCS02525, nature is compliant fully to the will of the Almighty, and most of humanity is evolving regardless of the will of those who have assumed power using tactics of oppression.
There was a reason why Michelangelo, placed horns on his statue of Moses, and that was simply to express the fact that G.©.D the Galactic Omnipotent Deity will destroy the laws of men, and all religions, not in alignment with the laws of Heaven.  When the time arrived to reconcile the Planet Earth, that time is upon us Now. The Nations, religions, and institutions, which are left with the greatest vacuum of power will stand evident as those most corrupted. 
In the Universe, all beings get mutiple chances to get their evolution right, bound to time, and life, and death, is the definition of Hell in the cosmos.  Some of you are bound to continue there, and some of Us are moving towards a real destiny of Oneness with GOD on Earth! 
"Everyone needs deadlines.  Even the beavers.  They loaf around all summer, but when they are faced with the winter deadline, they work like fury.  If we didn't have deadlines, we'd stagnate"...Walt Disney

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