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23 Sync The Randomness of MkultRA???

A number that meant `diddly squat' until it meant something or my mind attributed something of significance to it.  How I had arrived at being Walt Disney in a previous life, and how I'm working to shed that idea.  First of all the number 23 my Birthday something I don't celebrate or haven't for years, and it comes around every October to remind me I'm getting older, I've completed 35 years, filled with ups and downs like most people. 
As for moving beyond the synchronicity; first let me add synchronicity is just a word attributed to Carl Jung philosophy, yet it is totally compatible with my awakening, and I won't easily discount it. The last major sync I had was a fabric purchase on March 12th of this year for $16.37, which at the current tax rate of 8.10% ($1.33) totaling $17.70, this was a carbon receipt from a local fabric shop, and the serials number was 8294 (23) if you add the single digits together, anyway my resolution was to burn the dam thing.  The receipt wasn't even prominent until I came across it about a two weeks ago, and really the only instinct I felt was to look up what major events occurred in Humanities timeline that year.

In 1637 Two events (beyond the events which expanded Colonialism in the America's, and [strife] discontent across much of the known world), that stood out to me were Fermat's last Theorem "it is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a fourth power into two fourth powers, or in general, any power higher than the second, into two like powers. I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain." I suck at math and dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, but what I deciphered in this math problem from the language, to my comprehension validates that intelligence including that attributed to human individuals doesn't come from chaos or an unintelligent source, in other words it proves the existance of God. It took another 358 years to prove this threorem was correct.  The other event which occured that year was Rene Descartes wrote "Discourse on the Method" I read this book in 2010, and because it was the first book that I read on Philosophy I wasn't too impressed by it, but I did understand "I think Therefore I am" That was to simple an idea for me, and to confining a box even in reverse I'am Therefore I think" which is a little better, and that's because I've always felt to be a part of something much greater, and I believe that is something true of every Human being, religions, philosophy, creativity, and art would not exist otherwise. ... "than the discovery at every turn of my own ignorance"..Descartes.  I felt a similar way upon awakening.  Awakening to ones inner light is a process of shedding ones ignorance, the paradox however is the World we live in relies on our ignorance to exist, and so do the predatory class, which can be found at every level of the socioeconomic ladder.  Light wherever it flourishes, and once it reaches critical mass cannot be extinguished, and as it equates to human consciousness, it is related to one being aligned with truth, and that has a lot to do with shedding self deception, and ignorance, so this is a strange theory indeed, however seek, and you shall find, "The whole field of physics is covered with mere approximations to truth, but in constant demand as tools.  Mathematicians practice absolute freedom; they have the right~and use it,~ to assume a strait line is, or is not, the shortest distance between two points, as they please.  In the whole domain of science, no field of cultivation is poorer in such labor-saving devices than that of human history, yet Man as a form of energy, is in most need of getting a footing, on the law thermodynamics (pg 169)  A Letter to American Teachers of History by Henry Adams.  The process in which this came to Me was using quantum communication with the Sun, in other words alignment with the energy of higher purpose.  History repeats itself because it's not valued for what it can teach, and for a time those who ignore it's lessons may feel that it will never catch up to them, but eventually it does especially if the history that they narrate for themselves is filled with error, or outright deception.  Also that science is free of dogma is another misconception.  The privileged class uses the rest of humanity as the Roots of their tree, and as soon that concept is well understood, the sooner, they fall hard from their lofty perches.  Chaos, and Fear, is how they put chains on us, that's (it) all they got, and that's fading fast.
The cyclic nature of creation, evolution is not random.

What I've learned to clearly recognize is that the inner light within my being, does come from a source that by grace grants me understanding along with clairvoyance, and this source is universal. The total of that fabric receipt was $17.70; The year 1770 was another year filled with strife, more colonialism, and wars.  Most of Humanity has reach a zenith of realization that wars are counter productive, and erode civilization as a whole.  We cannot be fooled by propaganda, and whitewashing by the parasitic and predatory classes.   One thing we need to overcome is fear.

Katchina Cosmology!~
The greatest liberation I've had in this life, was to shed the taboos, and dogmas, of all the ignorant religious beliefs I was raised with or learned along the way including the always feel good new age stuff, it doesn't go away if you ignore it, and you can count on that.  There is irony, even synchronicity there. I recently came across this, according to James Ussher he places the time and date of the creation as the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC.  I believe in G.O.D or Galactic Omnipotent Divinity, but to give this being characteristics of man, and in some cases the worse in man is rather foolish.  I profoundly believe that in this information age the internet is one example of a quantum element / non-local consciousness, and it's a construct bringing many brilliant minds and ideas together, other forms of non-local consciousness, (Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?), and tied into the cosmic, and environmental influences it may lead to a golden age.  No doctrine implied by quoting Jesus, it's just a good parable stating the obvious the closer one is aligned with Truth.  As for a Golden Age,  I don't know how possible that is, because the powers that have for so long operated from their perches manipulating Mankind, are not enthusiastic about what light presents to them, in the many forms it manifest across the globe.
I have a feedback system with the Sun, and I do communicate through it.

Now to get back to the Disney syncs reincarnation and insanity of it all, It began a little before I saw the DA cloud, which I took a few snap shots of as it was rolling in, and how the Sun moved through that specific formation.  After that both assumption and inquiry began on my part. The number 23, my family 2 Girls 3 boys, five of us in total, and my fathers birthday July 15 which is 5 Months from Walt's death in December 15. He was born on the 5 of December a difference of 10 days between those dates.  Disney the company was founded in 1923 Mickey came along in 1928, 5 years later.  Anyway I never looked into this type of stuff until I looked into it.  I was born obsessed with Mickey Mouse.   I woke up to the quantum metaphysics realm when I was 33,  Anyway I won't go into a lot of details here, because this blog post is related to Synchronicity, and it was another synchronicity that led Me to write this post, on June 11, keeping up with my seller fees on ebay, which I pay as I go, I paid 11.06, and immediately after was overwhelmed again, by a Disney connection so I went, and looked up Disney's Wikipedia page, and almost immediately was drawn into his Mother's page Flora Call Disney it turns out 11/06 was a day she passed over, and what I sensed was that during his life she, played a role as antagonist. The Person He wanted to please the most, and always struggled with to get approval, or encouragement from in most of his efforts throughout his life.  I started this post on June 12th, I didn't really see any syncs between my life and his until I was initiated into them, through my awakening, and that opened up a door to the realms which overlap this one, spiritual or what have you.  Once syncs began to occur, I began to watch the Classic Disney Studio cartoons again, and they were all laced with encoded meaning, I didn't catch the first time around. This was synchronized with my first sightings of UFO's, and even natural phenomenon it is safe to say my realty had a total melt down.  I just saw another UFO too, the ones I've been seeing lately at night look like stars except they are moving, they are distinct from planes, and the ones I've seen during the day look silverish in color, I've seen those move with stealth, and maneuver through the sky in coordinated patterns.  The other sync I experience are related to the Sun, and I know that which resonates with me the most of the Scientific theories is the electric universe.

My big goal in life was to collect Mickey's, because of want, and coupled with lack, from growing up in poverty, it was a dream that had to wait until I had employment, and well that dream came true, and it turned into a nightmare.  Anyway when I really work up to the metaphysics side, and saw the patterns in which things flowed I noticed synchronicity in that river, and well enough was enough I've had more stuff I could ever had dreamed of as a kid, and I gave a lot away, and even destroyed some, and moved on because I realized stuff isn't that important.  The point in all this is that I've already detached from those drives of early childhood wants, and what remains of a once hoarded collection of stuff, I'm going to put up on ebay, and move forward in this life as one-of-a-kind figure maker, or something that is in service to others.  I've awaken to a lot of things including the grand illusion of America a nation beholden to a parasitic class who's only purpose seems to be the destruction of all freedoms.  A recent blast from the Sun this past Sunday inspired me to reverse the curse of childhood indoctrination which first began in school.  Love in the universal sense, and truth go hand in hand they are part, and parcel to divine growth and experience, so pledging allegiance to any flag which does not serve the interest of the majority of it's citizens is to my current awareness a surrender to ignorance.  This is a spiritual re-visioning of propaganda in the form of a Mantra


Anyway I do linger between flashes of other lifetimes, and I've always had imaginative dreams, but then again they could just be mKULTra Programming...Okay the Sun has basically told Me it's been keeping up with our evolution, through the industrial age, and that in reality all living things on the Planet are akin to Schrodinger's Cat, and have been for sometime.  Anyway eternal life is possible, but in that existence war can never be a factor in the equation for its manifestation, neither can ownership all things are shared in those worlds.  Evolution has been retarded by a great many evils, and evil still exist therefore death exist along with it.  Books like this are barely grazing at the surface of what constitutes reality.  Evil can sometimes look like this, and that is a paradox for you to figure out.

8/6/2013 I've come to so many realizations, none of the stuff written here means anything, except that, I've proved a point to myself that synchronicity can be found in anything, and when it comes to numbers synchronicity is everywhere.  What was just a reaction to phenomenon, and knowledge on my part has evolved into a fuller understanding that can be found in more recent blog postings.

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