Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Punchbowl Democracy!

There is only one real truth that is GOD is everlasting goodness!  The Truth movement is a large tent, and it's only because on some level we all want to know why things are the way they are from the position we currently occupy consciously speaking.  You will have to navigate that side show on your own because some truth, speculations, theories, or prophecies will resonate with you for a while, but when it's time to move on it's time to move on.  I've tumbled through all sorts of mind poison on the Internet, along with well intended informative sites, but sometimes it's easy to get stuck in patterns of fear especially once the wiring of your brain and emotional body becomes involved in the pattern. The alternative news, and info sites out there are motivated by one thing Love.  Love for community, family, survival, society, money etc.  Some of these sites take conspiracy to a whole new level, and some of the meta physic sites are a sells pitch for ascension which could mean any thing from the biblical rapture scenario, to a rise in consciousness for all humanity, and a planetary golden age as a result of a collective transition into a 4th, 5th, even 12th dimensional world, and some of this info is coming from off world aliens, angels or, ascended masters.  I've allowed my mind to go there. It's been like a ride where reality is doom, and gloom because both of those have plenty of disciples, Or on the opposite end a one love fantasyland of trans human potential.  I'm finally ready to get off that ride, in the pursuit of happiness, and that's a Divine right.  I have learned enough about the self, the soul, and ego, to transition from agnostic to believing in the divine, and having a relationship with the divine in a mystical sense.  And it has been my interaction with the divine that is helping Me to get off this ride. Loving God with all my heart mind and soul is something real to me, and I was born that way, but conditions and time came between that relationship as they often so do in human relationships. Of this I'm sure there is only one creator or Deity which resides within all creation.  I will not define it by any known archetype for it's power is infinite, and it will reveal itself to every living thing at some point in time or at an appointed time, for me it revealed itself in madness.   I went through a period of desiring to contribute and share information, mostly on facebook, and YouTube with video's, but at some point I realized I was just building on information, that could be misleading, and I was insane, I was seeing things no one else around Me was, delve into a pattern of ritualistic behaviors, all of which lead at one point to the conclusion I was Walt Disney in my previous life, my mind and ego was so delusional that I saw things as such, and so my mind linked synchronicity from past memories in my life experience, to suit that conclusion.  And that I had reincarnated as Christ in this life to see a visionary celebration of worldwide peace declared. like the last scene in the it's a Small World the ride at Disneyland.  I was seeing and experiencing something completely different from anyone else into New Age Spirituality, or religion for that matter and doing everything I could to manifest that as reality.  It was not pretty, or even rational sometimes the way I went about doing this, but religion seldom is.   I was seeing clouds rolling in as parade floats from a future world that had the potential to manifest fully in this plane of existence as something greater and for a while that kept me going in these attempts. If I could unfold the universe to bring ever lasting peace on Earth I would without hesitation, there is no greater aspiration than that. I got a taste a glimpse of the benevolence of the universe, and I will be forever grateful of that even if it came from the insane delusions of my own mind.  It began for me as wispers from the sun, I suspect Love concentrates strongest where the light is, and therefore you can be sure that Deity will channel you energy that raises your state of emotional well being via the Sun, yoga, or any other practice that works for you and serves the purpose keeping love present in your life as opposed to fear. 

I sun gaze which is looking at the sun directly, but I limit the practice now to just a few minutes while I'm smoking in the backyard, and that's because the last time I had my eyes checked there was some retinal scarring found in my right eye. And it might be from going over the top with it sun gazing and madness.  Above is a work in progress photo of a Kachina doll, which was inspired by and through my search for the highest of Truths, and I photographed it on page 13 of the book that inspired the doll,`Archibald by Wolo, to illustrate that meanies, bullies, con artist, and the greedy depend on weaker minds to exploit for their survival in this dog eat dog world.  That's one truth I'm sure most of us can agree on. (I'm not exempting myself here, being agnostic for a time in my late teens, and 20's, I was blinded by that same idea to exchange like for like, so if someone was mean I was mean right back.)  I know with Love all is possible, and nothing impossible, if that becomes the collective dream of humanity the planet will reflect that harmony...Fear Mongering exist everywhere and it's not just a political tool.  Fear eventually leads to a break down, sometimes internalized sometimes expressed in madness.  I guess for me the only way I can release myself of the clutches of fear is to write honestly, about the experience.  I will also upload some new v-vlogs at some point in the context of this blog post.   I don't look at the stars at night the same way I once did, and believe the benevolence of the universe is absolute.   At this point in my life I believe in facing the world fearlessly and standing in the light of my truth, it would be a disservice to do otherwise. My truth is consumed by a tinge of madness, because I know things could be different if all institutions where run in service of the greatest good for the planet and Humanity.  The Truth that is; is not the Truth that has to be. Many people share the truths that are, and then paint hopeless predictions on top of them that's a disservice to's a tactic used to dissempower the public.
  Adding to the pools of fear in the world is dangerous to the agents that employ fear as a tactic..

Mickey as Christ is a long shot, and a reality in my passing Madness of  seeing prophetic visions about karma in cartoons. 

All this gave new meaning to a Cher song from believe, where the other side could mean any number of things, but perhaps to me it meant the other side of Kali Yuga,(the yuga that never was)...the end of the darkness that has gripped mankind.

The Clouds were playing mind tricks on me again, or was that just my ego wanting to see justice served to the piggy banksters..I really don't know anything, but what I've learned from my own dance on the karma wheel.  Right now it really just seems to Me like the piggy's are flying high indifferent to the Civilization they trample for more of the same, but I'm done with the hope from the dope of the Mickey's got game act...The celestial seasoning of changing times for Me is moving into a place in my heart where Love is present, and manifest in any number of potential acts.

Sorry to anyone I hurt or dragged into with the stirring of my Madness.
My life's lesson is simple we are what we eat energetically speaking, and conspiracy salad is generically modified by fear dressing.   My wapatula punch bowls empty now, and what I have is enough love, and dignity to start over with the Love that makes all things possible....

7/24/2013 update, I have come full circle in my knowing, and I can admit I was wrong to state here in this post that Love motivates all people.  Love does not motivate all people.  And no apology for what I write or say at any given time is required, I answer to a higher power, and that power answers back to Me.  The only thing time has proven to Me since I wrote this blog; is precisely that, absolutely. The Law of correspondence is an active force, it is a divine intelligence which organizes the cosmos according to the Will of God, and that there is only one God has been proven to Me time, and time again.