Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mayan Mayham; A Care Free Truth Hoist!

This is just an impromptu post on the final disillusion of the apocalyptic mayhem in the world. While on a personal level, this post may appear a bit turgid on the self-centeredness, I assure you it is not the case.  My intention having this blog was on one level for my own amusement, and the more nobler one, probing the mental space between the ideal, and the possible.  Both the ideal, and possible require transcendent vision, and imagination, but as Fran├žois de LaRochefoucauld writes "Our virtues are most frequently but vices in disguise." And one of my vices, or passions I should say is to leave an impression on those my fellows Whos path I cross.

For some of us who recognize the imbalance between the corporate structure, and the Free Born Human being, the pursuit of Peace, and Justice creates its own value in eternals.  In a world such as ours, where the qualities of Peace & Justice are arbitrarily placed in the hands of the profiteering corporate establishment, resistance to such evil is a noble cause.

It is a cruel hoax on Humanity, and one of double standards, where corrupt people run the world, and millions die and suffer, over the reign of temporary power.  And due to the nature of that corruption those who choose not to compromise themselves, are left to suffer, and sometimes that includes entire nations.
Here is the Sun on this the alleged End of the long count Mayan Calendar
So according to the Maya the 13th Baktun ended, and the 14th Baktun Began, well, I had synchronicity there too, but I can only relate to it in terms of numbers, my paypal balance on 12-21-2012 was as follows
104 zero having infinite value brings us to 14. and 76 added together is 13.  More than likely that means I need to get productive.


regardless of what my previous life was, it was, is not now!

 I'm pretty damn short of meeting my personal needs in the so called game of (living expenses), but by the Grace of the Almighty I have a roof over my head, and I'm documenting my path in this time of transition (all life on this Earth which currently is the product of cycles is transitionary) which for me simply means producing Art again, and earning a living because even those people who staked their lives on the World ending on the Mayan Calendar had something to sell in relation to their predictions.  As far as the Spiritual Gurus, and millions of motivational speakers out there that claim materialism is the problem.  I'm done hearing about those petty claims, attachment maybe a problem for some, but this is a materialized world, and it's better to make toys than bombs, so if they want out of this world by all means, I'm sure they can find the suicide how-to manual somewhere on the Internet.  I'm keeping it real, the problem with the world isn't materialism. There are some people who having more than they will ever need in a lifetime, use all their resources yet to continue stacking debt, and collecting from the debt of others, and in America, unborn generations are being subjected to debt, which profits multinational corporations, and banks, that's not materialism, that's something else.  So the central banks lend money based on debt, and there are a whole host of hedge fund managers, and investment banks who rigged the financial markets to syphon off as much as possible for their portfolios they collect numbers, and everyone else, all living things and the Planet Earth is being injured as a result.  That is not materialism, and the rest of US should not suffer austerity due to the runaway greed, and money addiction of a few rotten human beings whos useless accumulation places all life in danger.  I'm also writing here about the people who fund for profit the building of weapons of mass destruction, and who have no regard for the sacredness of Life, they are the ones who damage everyone else.   They are beings who are ruined, damaged goods, and there is no place for them in Heaven there should be no place for them on Earth.  As above so Below.   Anyway my whole take on the 12-21-2012 date is that Truth is a corner stone of the divine, and rising to the surface of Human collective consciousness, it is unstoppable, and an aspect of the growing awareness. 

Anyway, this video, and philosophy may be true once departed, but our reality does not reflect this.   I do respect Alan Watts, I'd lay a rose on the beach where his remains where cremated, that's how much I respect the man.

  The Universe put me here for a reason, and I'm just working through it, but the forward sequence of my life: is even  found in the zip code for Marceline, Missouri which is 64658,  anyway as the numerology in it relates to me, is as follows, zero having infinite value is omitted 6+4 =1+6=7(58) as I mentioned in a previous blog, 7:58 am was the time I was born, my present life here is like a dream, but also a nightmare, and I am one of those eternal beings thats been around since the beginning of the Universe, that much I know, so when I leave this world however it is I do, I get to go back to what is already mine, a limitless cosmos.  Now back to the 64 that has to do with the I-ching. Too many people are holding on to deadly energies, and that's the main problem this world faces.   I know Earth well enough to know shes awake, and aware of what is going on.
Everything on a computer screen, is constructed of processed binary code, zeros, and ones, the zeros have open infinite values, while ones have fixed values.  That's why all information on a computer can be constructed of the two numeric values.   We Human Beings don't exist in a world of fixed values, so we are constantly thrashing ourselves against inconsistencies which are caused by this discrepancy.  
In the Cosmos: Law is based on fixed values, and these are consistent with the expansion of love, which is, simply put, the observance of a greater good.  The greater good, has to do with treating others the way you want to be treated.  One thing I will share here is that the creator treats you the way treat others, and while a soul is never hopeless, the mountain one must climb to evolve out of cyclic time can grow larger based on Karma, so the greatest obstacle to your evolution will always be you.  In the universe each of us has infinite value, but our evolution from the Planetary life is always one of temporary values, and my best advice is don't get caught up sacrificing your infinite potential, on temporary values.  Co-creating with God(uncreated Creator) is the highest calling one can have in a world such as ours, and that means holding a space for light, and discovering ways of expanding with it, an action which always leads to compassion, creativity, charity, kindness, and love, those are some of the gifts of spirit, which have infinite value, in materialized, and non-materialized worlds alike. As far as the W(2+3)E(5)N(1+4) sequence of the I-ching in numerology goes, the 23 the day of my birth as G.E.T, 5 the day of Birth as W.E.D prior to this life, and the 14 relates the Mayan Baktun, or 5+5+5 =15, which also the day I died on the same month of my Birth as W.E.D.   I had to return to Earth to tie some loose ends, and return whole to Heaven. If I could not bring Heaven to Earth, at least I tried, and my destiny is sealed.   And whatever prior I established on Earth is not in my hands, but you are left with the legacyIf I where to go forward it would have be an employee owned enterprise, something the world is not ready for, so I am content to be just amused, by how many souls were inspired by novelty.   Heaven is only novelty, I'm afraid to say you won't be worshipping any Gods, there, that was a man made invention, and you can point the finger at religions of the world, but not God, for such misunderstandingThe World is not ending, but souls are always arriving and departing from Earth.
  Love is not possessed it is free, the other energies require you to hold on to them  Channeling them for a purpose like getting into character for a role is one thing, for any other reason is foolish with few exceptions.   One should be disturbed, and even experience sadness, and anger, when seeing how much injustice exist in the world, its a very normal reaction, and emotions serve the purpose of highlighting imbalances in your spiritual body (humanities spiritual body is linked, because there is one source of consciousness), knowing how to direct that energy creatively is driven by wise compassion, and raises you higher into the plane of spiritual evolution which is the only one that counts, and anyway in the process of that you can see the sources of psychic disturbances in others, some has to do with ignorance, but a lot has to do with manipulation from souls driven by corruption, and fearI'll cover 911 truth on my next blog. 
When the eyes above are opened, the eyes below shall be closed!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Funeral For The Holy Bible & Baptism By Fire To Every Temple Of Ignorance!

Laugh-O-Gram! Better burn your Bibles before it's to late, Bears got a little big, and He's headed through the gate!
Every temple to ignorance, shall offer no security in the coming age. The Holy Bible deserves a proper burial, and in my eyes it is so. The Word FIRE is in the Bible 515 times.  Hydrogen is the fuel for all biological life, it binds with oxygen in the biosphere of Earth which stabilizes it for the type of diversity of life we find here.  In Plants photosynthesis is the minute combustion of hydrogen, and that is how a seed unfoldsThrough a process of divine combustion of hydrogen, cells form their growth and reproduce, the Tree grows towards its source which is found in the Sun.  Hydrogen is the primordial substance,`the uncreated, would it not make sense then that it is also used as a primary fuel for space exploration? 
I'm getting carried away here, the main point I want to make is that there is a purpose for everything. Even our bodies release hydrogen from water, and hydrogen is linked to many processes in our physical bodieson Yahoo answers you'll find an easy to understand explanation of some of the functions of this primordial substance which exist in all living things.  On the metaphysical side of the equation it is hydrogen which the Supreme Being uses to conduct it's operation of maintaining life in all its diversity.

We are all Stars every living thing processes Hydrogen even the Clouds.

I want to mention something, about exterior demonic possessions or otherwise incredibly ignorant subjects such as that.  This has to do with, specifically even in the so called enlighten communities, these monsters which have no reality outside the human imagination, are contemplated and speculated upon in the most ridiculous ways.  Dark evil demonic entities don't exist, people who fashion themselves in such ways, the breath of life never returns to once they have exited from the world.  These souls by grace of the Almighty are released back into a world of shadows to discover the light and rise, but that ego driven by the dark, has no place in the Kingdom of God.  Let's be absolutely clear, a demon is nothing but a shadow, we live in a world where people give rise to the most tragic of shadows, monsters that arn't real, except in the mind of someone foolish enough to embrace an evil projection, and contemplate the energies of such ignorance.  The world has been constructed of shadows, corporations are shadows, held together by faulty laws which are by and large anti-life, and pro-slavery.  Now a final note on the Bible, consider the following words, written on the last roll of toilet paper Earth wipes her ass with when she shits out all those shadows for the Greater Good..

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want (shadows).
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Demons don't exist, they are shadows, and in this world sure enough the greatest shadow is DeathDeath is just a shadow, I shared a picture that tells of the coming age, based on respect and life, Let Live & Live, that is the rock of my foundation. updated 12/15/2012 11:03 PM PST
      "He is like Ether (Akasha), which is diffused everywhere (without differentiation) and which pervades the exterior and interior of things (no modifications affecting his identity),pure, impassible, invariable (in his essential immutability)."

 He is Brahma, after the possession of which there remains nothing to posses; after the enjoyment of whose Bliss there remains no felicity to be desired; and after the attainment of knowledge of which there remains no knowledge to be obtained"
 On the nature of the Supreme Brahma or the uncreated. Rene Guenon
The further distinction that I would like to make is that life is in the breath, and heartbeat of the uncreated.

What I do know is that this was Me in my previous Life.
     And this describes Me and the Road I'm on Now:
"These two Happinesses therefore only concern the extension of the individuality and they are included in the restoration of the "primordial state," which implies their complete attainment; the remaining two, which refer on the contrary to the higher and extra-individual states of the being, are the "Great Wisdom" and the "Perfect Solitude," that is to say Panditya and mauna. Finally these "four Happinesses" attain their fulness in a "fifth," which contains them all principially and unites them synthetically in their single and indivisible essence; no name is ascribed to this "fifth Happiness" (any more than to the fourth state" of the Mandukya Upanishad), since it is inexpressible and cannot be the object of any distinctive knowledge: it is however easy to see that we are concerned here with nothing less than Union itself or the "Supreme Identity," obtained in and through complete and total realization of what other traditions call "Universal Man," for the Yogi, in the true sense of the word, like the "Transcendent man" (chenn-jen) of Taoism, is also identical with "Universal Man." Rene Guenon From Man And His Becoming According to The Vedanta

I had mentioned in a previous blog, that Earth is the female essence "Prakriti" of the divine, and the male essence is "The Purusha (Supreme Being) is a thousand-headed, thousand eyed, thousand footed; and, pervading the earth on all sides, He exists beyond the ten directions. The Purusha, indeed, is all this, what has been and what will be, and the Lord of immortality as well as of mortal creatures. Such is His magnificence, but the Purusha is even greater than this;all beings are a fourth of Him,
three-fourths--His immortality--lie in heaven.
Three-fourths of the Purusha ascended;
the fourth part came here again and again,
and, diversified in form, it moved
to the animate and the inanimate world.
Rig Veda 10.90.1-4

There is a part of me, as with everyone else that exist beyond Planetary Relativity!

 One should know these are mythologies, and the interpretations vary no different than the Bible.  Yet the philosophy points more closely to what is actual. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Uncreated Influences Embryogenesis; The New Earth: Same Earth!

This is a creative commons image, it is also the soul of cosmos an aspect of this is in everyone.

This post is to explain the substance behind a Black hole, but first it's best illustrated in a some verses

The Spirit of the Pond

Within a nest of circling hills,
the little pond lay closely hid;
None new the place, but bird and bee,
The locust, and the katydid;
And every flower that loved that shade,
Or insect fluttering in the Sun;
By these the valley and the pond,
were known and loved by every one.

The sweet-brier opened there its flowers,
To greet the bee, her noisy guest;
Blue flowers bloomed beside the pond,
White lilies floated on its breast;
The willows drooped their slender arms
to wet them in its waters blue;
Alders stood close, and tried to hide
the Heavens within from human view.

And where the Sun shone brightest down
the daisy wore her head-dress quaint;
While in the coldest shadiest spots,
the ferns breathed out its perfume faint. 
Could you have seen the little vale,
you would have said 't was vary fair,
And wondered whether birds and flowers 
could e'er aught but happy there.

Yet on one lovely summer morn, 
when all was bright as bright could be, 
the little vale was filled with gloom,
And sorrowful were bird and bee.
The butterflies shut close their wings,
 Each sad flower bowed its drooping head,
The sweet-brier wept, for on this morn
Their Sister fair, Wild Rose, lay dead.

Her pale pink petals faded lie,
just fallen on the dewy grass;
The breezes flowing through the boughs,
Scattered them idly as they pass.
Poor little Rose! all day the flowers,
Weep for her death with bitter tears,
 Nor stay their grief when evening falls,
And the first silver star appears.

But when up in the purple sky,
the yellow moon had slowly climbed,
And from the open primrose cups, 
The evening hymm had softly chimed.
The flow'rets heard a soft, low voice,
No ears had ever heard before,~
'T was like the sound of rippling waves,
Or the soft plash of fairy's oar.

And floating o'er the little pond,
They saw a figure, clothed in mist,
Uplifted on two glittering wings,
By radiant moonbean softly kissed.
"Hush!' said the Spirit of the pond,
"I know your griefs, my darling flowers,~
I know when breezes blow too rude,
And when ye pine for cooling showers.

"And now I know for whom ye weep,
A sister flow'ret faded lies.
Do ye not know that every year
The wild rose and violet dies ?
And every flower that gems the grass,
or hides is blossom in the shade,
Must shed its petals on the Earth,
And see its tender leaflets fade?

"But I, I know that though the flowers
Each year must wither on the plains,
They all will bloom more sweet and fresh,
when gentle Spring returns again.
The do not weep.~Did I repine
When icy Winter bound me fast?
Ah, no! I slept a patient sleep,
Believing Spring could come at last."

The spirit shook its quivering wings,
And all the flowers were drenched with spray;
Ere they could look again, the form
has swiftly vanished away,
But all were comforted at heart,
They wept no more for their darling rose,
And ere the whip-poor-will commenced
The vale was locked in deep repose. 

What is the function of a black hole? What science has termed  black holes, is the force that creates life; without this vital force flowing into all creation there would be no momentum for growth, the seed of a flower would never sprout, in fact no seeds would ever sprout, or grow into trees,  plants, or flowers, sunlight, and water, the richness in the soil, would not be enough, for that seed to grow into a beautiful flower.  In the example I share I will break it down further, the force is laten in water as hydrogen, I don't want to get too technical. This same energy is in all living things, laten in the elements and its eternalWe as humans all share this quality with all living thingsIn the Eastern philosophical traditions, and western religions this force is described by various words, Atman, Chi, Holy Spirit.   There is a cosmic intelligence, or consciousness distributed into the four elements, the elements are store houses of energy.   Yet it's the living energy flowing from the center of every galaxy that releases what is stored in the elements, in the living which is itselfWithout the constant living spirit flowing into, and out of a central redistribution hub, the force or momentum for all things that materialize and grow anywhere in the cosmos would end, creation would end.  Life in creation is the effect of that cause.  The cause is that which has always been, is, and will always be,  The uncreated.  

The Uncreated is God, Human Beings can only in the slight comprehend this substance.
529. "This pure consciousness of absolute being is an alienated consciousness.  We have now to look more closely at the specific nature of that of which it is the `other' . To begin with this pure consciousness seems to have over against it only the world of actuality; but since it is the flight from this world and therefore has the character of an antithesis to it, it bears this world within itself; pure consciousness is therefore in its own self alienated from itself, and faith constitutes only one aspect of it.  At the same time, the other aspect has already come into view.  Pure consciousness namely, is a reflection out of the world, of culture in such a way that the Substance of that world, and also the `masses' or groups into which it is articulated, are shown to be what they are in themselves, spiritual essentialities, absolutely restless processes or determinations which are directly cancelled in their opposites.  Their essence, simple consciousness, is thus the simplicity of absolute difference which is at once no difference.[...]Spirit, in accordance with its truth, is in an undivided unity, at once the absolute movement and negativity of its process of manifestation, as well as its inwardly satisfied essence and its positive repose.
Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit ~
Embryogenesis ; When you wake up will you walk out?  It can't be love if you throw it about

 Animals are not self reflective, their oneness with spirit is absolute. For us Human beings Evolution is a cosmic serpent bite called Love!
Evolution is the bite of  a Cosmic Serpent; The Venom is Love, to some this is poison, to others graduation!
Galactic Lions!
  On the Quantum constant, I'm not afraid of the Mayan predictions, of the world ending, when I had my awakening, I realized in that instance, that all my life in this present experience the spirit of God has always been present in me, and I came from the oneness of being one with the uncreated, and to it I shall return, of that I have no doubts.  Here is evidence which can be compared to the diagram at the end of my previous posting, This is the back cover of Dell comics 758 Walt Disney's Bear Country, also correlates to the exact time of my birth at 7:58 am, there is other synchronicities, which I can mention, but they are not important, as I've explained before, once you reach the threshold in evolution of being Human there is a portion of your being, that is ever existent outside the dimensions of this world.  I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of being on public assistanceI plan on finding employment someday, but right now the Universe is that which has taken me under its wings, and I'm not afraid of fate, and I have no bad karma.  Karma in a world like ours, is material illusions of wealth, for a man or woman who has a zillion dollars, bars of gold, or whatever is acquired through ambition and greed is something they are sure to lose.  And those with the spoils of war are spoiled likewise, they are not fit for the Kingdom of God, that is a truth one must embrace when confronted with the atrocities caused by the foolish at heart, there is no rest from duality for them, and they likewise belong to the constant which opposes life.   
Quantum Stickiness !
Those forced to reincarnate are segregated by Energy!
Planets have Chakras too on and Upward; The Humans on Earth are reaching Vishuddha Truth!

    The Black hole is just a picture-gram word to theorize the unknown.  Every Galaxy is linked by the same source energy, the uncreated substance of all that is.  Truth is reaching critical mass, on this Planet, and there is no comfort for those institutions, and their respective humans which subsist in the interest of deception, and lies.  Those who by deception declare privilege, are riding a dead horseAt the heart of the matter with western religion, is the obscenity of Israel.  The Jewish paradox of race = religion is a racist one, and humanity has sunk into unknown depths of evil placating to their so called chosen statue of which no evidence exist